ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka – 04


ACCA steps back from the larger national coup plot to let Jean continue his inspection duties, this time to Suitsu, which may be the most isolated district in Dowa, seemingly frozen in time due to a noble class that insists on the preservation of “tradition and formality.” Not only are any outside forms of technology forbidden, those like Jean who come from outside are given a tight leash so as to limit cultural contamination.


Not surprisingly, there are many in Suitsu who aren’t too happy about that, and have been organizing for some time. Jean happens to get scooped up by a group of them who believe he overheard their talk of a coup. Turns out their coup isn’t the same coup Jean’s mixed up in. These guys simply want to open Suitsu up, allow it the same freedom as the other districts to grow and develop, not simply fester like some dusty diorama.


But apparently, the coup attempt that occurs when Jean is around isn’t the first of its kind by any means. All such former attempts were squashed and all records of them happening kept secret from the outside districts. Jean, for the record, seems sympathetic to the rebel cause here, even offering potential clients from his home to help Suitsu open up. But he stops short of getting involved, serving more as an observer.


Unfortunately, all the adventures he witnessed will be subject to a gag order as a condition of his being allowed to leave, and anyone arrested in the coup attempt freed. It’s basically a hard reset, with one important difference: we saw how Jean reacted to being in the middle of a mini-revolution.

Did the cigarette he received in his hotel room and Crow/Niino’s intense surveillance of him indicate he’s involved in the larger coup? Or like his Suitsu excursion, is he merely being moved by forces outside his control, like a leaf in the wind?


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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

4 thoughts on “ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka – 04”

  1. I get a feeling Crow is the puppet master. Sure, he saves Jean from the 2 angry rioters (incognito) and collects evidence for the top 5, but he’s also the only character we know traveling to each of these places and, unlike Jean, no one is actually supervising him. (He even ‘deals with’ the 5’s observer)

    1. I also like the levels of Crow’s continued friendly rapport with Lotta. They go back years, sure, and he’s like a second big bro, but could there be more to Lotta than “Jean’s cute sister?” Was there some significance to having her photographed with the king? Is Lotta poised to play a role in the looming power struggle? It could be the answer to all of these questions is “No, dummy,” but it’s still fun to ponder, and the show seems to revel in being fertile ground for speculation.

  2. Jean seems like a really kind person. Glad at least 1/5 of his bosses believe him now. I think the mystery of the cigarettes will probably only unravel after Jean passes through at least half of the 13 states.

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