Little Witch Academia – 04


We’ve got ourselves a Lotte-centric episode, with Akko and Sucy simply along for the ride. After Akko steals a tart (not a pie; she wants that made clear) from the kitchens, all three roommates are punished, and Lotte’s weekend plans to attend a new book release are dashed.


Akko comes up with a very simple plan to sneak the three of them out of school and into town, and Lotte’s fully on board because this is a can’t-miss event: the release of volume 365 of night fall, which is a pretty blatant (and only intermittently humorous) parody of Twilight and the crazed fandom that surrounds it, a world which Akko and Sucy are decidedly not a part of.


While some of the ridiculous snippets from the bowels of night fall’s vast milieu elicit a chuckle or two, and Akko learns there are people who don’t simply try to become those they idolize, but are content to support them…but it’s a pretty thin premise, and the episode lacked the visual panache and, more importantly, the heaping helpings of Akko-moxie that characterized the first three.


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  1. There was a lot of meat between the frames this week: The elderly professor yelling about finances turns out to be the fan dressed as a clock (and probably Lotte’s pen-pal), one of the mean girls is revealed to be a secret fan of the series, we get some of the links between the non-magic world, and there was plenty of Akko/Susy dry humor in the background. Capped by Lotte’s aggressive side and the furthering of the roommates ability to work as a team (or not), all of the characters were broadened, which broadens the world.

    Definitely a Recommended for me.

    1. I liked all those details on the margins too, just not much of anything else. Chalk it up to “otaku fatigue” for me.

      I’d just dropped Akiba’s Trip for being too much about the main character geeking out about various things in great detail while the others…just stand around, and here on LWA they go and pull practically the exact same thing.

      It’s nice to see a more assertive side of Lotte, I just wish it had been brought out by something other than night fall, the running gags of which comprised the equivalent of a stand-up comedian going after Swanson TV dinners: low-hanging fruit.

      Worse, such a overt connection to the real world pulled me out of the world of the show. The multi-generational author system felt tacked-on, and Annibel’s dilemma far too easily resolved by a brief chat with Lotte.

      But it was far from a total drag, so 7 it is.

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