Demi-chan wa Kataritai – 04


The Gist: Kusakabe gets this week’s spotlight, although we learn very little about her in the process. Rather, we get a hot honest confrontation between Hikari and the gossip girls, which brings about better treatment for Kusakabe and a better understanding of the demi in general.

Meanwhile, Satou-sensei and Takahashi-sensei continue to feel out the boundaries of their relationship and how to work with the demi girls in general. The result is a meeting in the AV club room, where Takahashi encourages everyone to take advantage of this rare chance to be with so many demi-chans, sharing so many similar troubles and times of life.

Then he gets hugged by Hikari, gets in trouble with Hikari’s sister Himari, and generally answers the questions raised last week: a teacher must be more careful with his or her boundaries with students, lest all hell break loose. Also, creep-kun!


The Verdict: While we tread long and hard on the inapropes side of touchy-feely teacher, I appreciated that Takahashi knows this is crossing the line and was not especially interested. It’s still creepy to frame the show as a harem piece, which it certainly is, but making the teacher not want anything to do with it is a start in the correct back-pedaling direction.

Otherwise, the flow and interactions were all good. Not learning the actual trauma of Ice-woman will make next week feel earned and didn’t rush this week. Seeing Vampire-girl’s family life and personality, which is as much a human expressing vampire traits as a vampire living as a human, was interesting. I especially loved all the vampire bat shirts and accessories as a silly repeating detail.

My only criticism is Satou, who’s man-hungry personality makes sense, but is eye-rolling and not as nuanced or novel as the other girls’. I guess it’s not totally out of place with Hikari’s hugging and Machi’s crush (and neck-flame-splooge) but it downplays her place as an adult. It makes her less equal to Takahashi as a teacher. That feels unnecessary.



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