Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – 03


The Gist: this week features another string of vignettes, anchored by a longer telling of the team moving into a larger apartment. We get glimpses of Kobayashi’s childhood as they pack, information about dragon bathing habits, the frustration of commuting back to the wrong apartment after a move, we meet three new neighbors, and, finally, a party where we meet two more dragons.

Throughout all of this, Tohru and Koby’s relationship becomes more comfortable. They play and tease more honestly, and manipulate each other more openly too. (Koby to avoid house cleaning and Tohru to get a thorough washing)

screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-12-51-10-pmThe new dragon’s boobs are absurdly huge…

The Verdict: The strength of this show is its casual nature. We met a ton of characters this week, which culminated in a dinner party where people didn’t entirely get along but there was no crucial narrative turning point here, no confrontation either. Just weirdos hanging out, eating food and playing games.

That lack of purpose would irritate me in most shows. However, Liking this show doesn’t hinge on that mystery and liking its characters doesn’t hinge on them doing anything. Dragon-maid’s choice to push the mystery plot back and just let the characters interact just works.

Call me confounded. Pleased and confounded!



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  1. I like the fact that Kanna as presented as an actual child rather than having her go “I love Tohru-Onee sama!” like what her character initially hinted at. That really adds a lot in developing Tohru’s and Kobayashi’s relationship as some sort of odd foster parents for her.

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