Demi-chan wa Kataritai – 03


The Gist: Satou Sakie takes front stage this week, and we learn more about the troubles facing succubuses. Sakie can not touch men, or even doze off near them, least they have erotic thoughts. This means she must live in the middle of nowhere, ride the first and last commuter train, and resign herself to a life without relationships.

Except Takanashi touches her by mistake and does not appear to be effected. Coupled with his generally nice personality, quickly formed and casual relationships with students, and Sakie quickly falls for him.

Little does she know, once around the corner, his legs go to jelly from the experience! A gentleman yes, but a superman poor Takanashi is not!


The Verdict: Another light hearted romp through another character’s personal misery, which is Demi-chan’s running strong suit. This week was a little less interesting, mostly because Sakie’s dilemma IS BOY CRAZY, which doesn’t work as a foil for social issues like the other two Demi girls. However, Hikari and Takanashi continue to have great chemistry in dialog, and the mixture of light and dark hits the right balance.

Next week will clearly delve into snow-woman territory. I’m not really familiar with this demi-type, which is exciting because I don’t know what to expect. Well, outside of unintentional harem building, pleasant interactions, and charm.


3 thoughts on “Demi-chan wa Kataritai – 03”

  1. I’ve been enjoying this show so far but in this episode, it began to feel like sensei Takanashi is grooming the demi-girls he interacts with. The casual discussions about sex with Hikari and her reactions of kissing him was classic grooming, blurring those teacher/student boundaries. Why is he insisting they talk about sex at all? This feeling was reinforced in the dullahan’s discussions with Sakie-sensei, where the boundaries were all over the place. A student approaches a female teacher and confesses her feelings towards a male teacher. Does the female teacher gently and appropriately remind her of the boundaries between student and teacher? Not in this show. Instead she encourages her, by giving her personal grooming tips in order to be “noticed by sensei” (while dying inside from her own feelings towards him also), setting up a real sense of competition between teacher and student for the attentions of Takanashi. Maki the dullhan developed these feeling by the way after going on a date with dear old nice Mr Takanashi… What are adult male teachers doing going on dates with the students in their charge? One wonders what the school establishment are going to think about this saome time in the future?

    Takanashi’s creepy monologue about the snow girl were at least recognized as that by the students who heard him. I suspect all this will become an issue later in the story but it will all be revealed as a simple misunderstanding and laughed off and good old sensei will be confirmed as a great guy..

    At the moment Demi-chan wa Kataritai is sitting right on the cusp of getting filed in my “Anime With Disturbing Sexual Boundaries” file. Its not unknown for anime to stray into questionable territory from time to time given some of the social mores that have existed in Japanese culture. If it moves away from sensei in perve mode next week, it can get back on track. However should sensei continue with his grooming behaviour, I’ll be dropping it…

    1. That was an odd under current in the episode — especially between Saki ad Dullachan in the library. It didn’t bother me between Hikari and Sensei mostly because they have an older/younger sibling relationship… which is totally inappropriate for a teacher and student but works for the show in a vacuum.

      (I would imagine this has caught on to some degree on the H-fan art boards, for all the normal/terrifying reasons. I don’t think I wanna check and see though)

      1. Yeah I think Hentai “art” will be all over this show unfortunately, I tried putting in an ‘in-show’ context on what was going on also, but characters kept doing things that led me to consider that maybe ‘Takanashi Sensei is not okay.” All I can say is Takanashi better hope an outraged vampire mother doesn’t turn up at the school one day, literally after his blood….

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