Chaos;Child – 00 (First Impressions)

screen-shot-2017-01-19-at-12-02-26-pma typical 58 second scene in Chaos;Child, where nothing but text happens…

The Gist: People are killing themselves (or being killed by someone else) in weird ways in Shibuya. Chat rooms are going crazy and giving the event names like ‘new generation murder’ and so on. Meanwhile, our protagonist who lives in a shipping crate with a bunk bed, bottles of cola, and a computer to chat with, has accidentally seen a girl killing someone to a wall with cross-shaped knives.

Or maybe he hasn’t? After all, early on, we see him yelling at empty space behind him in the shipping container…

screen-shot-2017-01-19-at-12-00-29-pmthis shot lasts 28 seconds but is narrated at least…

The Verdict: Chaos;Child is unwatchably terrible. I’m told it may relate to another series, which may be necessary to understand what is going on and/or care about the cast, who are poorly introduced between endless static shots of chat room text.

Seriously, during the first 5 minutes, more screen time was given to un-moving computer screens of text than the cast, and the only character who did get screen time (amidst still shots of his statues and H-dvds) was completely un-relatable shut-in.

I assume there is an audience for this show, especially if it is based on a lite novel or a game or enjoy average still-shots of guro, but it completely fails as animation, let alone an entry point for newcomers.


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  1. Whelp, I have to admit the first episode 0 was terribly done. It’s basically cramming as much of Chaos;Head as they possibely could into 20 minutes. If I wasn’t already a fan of the visual novel I would have had no idea at all wtf was going on. The actual Chaos;Child anime itself is a lot better. Though it doesn’t really excuse the massive confusing culsterfck of the Chaos;Head recap.

  2. Okay so I went on to watch episode 01 … and it appears to be identical to episode 00… which is unfortunate. I skipped on to episode 2 and… nope! Another episode that opens with tons of text to read with not much animation, followed by exposition about the Sumo stickers, followed by characters i BARELY KNOW, and I’m totally done with this franchise :(

    1. Err when you say “skipped” did you mean you skipped episode 1 and just watched the start of episode 2? How would you be able to know any of the characters if you didn’t see the first episode? Unless I’m reading that wrong haha.

      You seems extremely fixated on exposition moments. Sure they kind of suck, but what about the rest of the episode? Of course if said moments are enough to ruin everything else for you that’s a matter of opinion.

  3. Some torrents have episode 0 and 1 packaged into one 40ish min long episode. To clarify, episode 0 is a Chaos;Head recap clusterfck where they try to pack an entire VNs worth of info in 20mins, Episode 1 introduces you to the Chaos;Child cast.

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