KonoSuba 2 – 02


The expressions on the faces of Kazuma on Aqua kinda match up with my feelings about this episode, which was, in a word, listless. They still have the mansion (for now), but all their other earthly goods are gone. Megumin brings in a cat, so now the party has a mascot. The three worry about what might be happening to Darkness.


Then Sena observes as the party strikes out into the snow to do what it does best: nothing right. Granted, this is a show all about the ineptitude of the party, so it’s not like I expect competence. It’s just that the slimy giant toads were already done last season, and despite casting Megumin’s rival Yunyun and Sena into the slimy fray, it all comes off as a bit stale.


In other news, Kazuma and Megumin’s stubborn pride leads them to share a bath together, when neither wants to lose face by backing down from threats of…bathing together. To be fair, it’s a huge bath, so I don’t really see the problem as long as they’re covering up, which is the case here. Nevertheless, this is another retread from last season, with Megumin instead of Darkness.


I’m not sure what would have improved this episode, but less (or no) Yunyun might’ve done the trick. The projections of her and Megumin’s most embarrassing moments were good for a chuckle, but otherwise she was half-baked and didn’t bring enough new out of Megumin to make her worth having around. This episode just felt like it lacked energy, and wasn’t up to the standard KonoSuba programmed me to expect through its much better efforts.


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3 thoughts on “KonoSuba 2 – 02”

  1. Yunyun’s voice felt a little off to me. The super high pitch didn’t go well with my ears. The episode overall wasn’t that bad imo. Megumin MVPing as usual, but that part at the end had me laughing out loud. Goddamit her smugass-holding-in-her-smile I WIN AGAIN look RIGHT after she was all “Lulz I’m beyond little games!” was just too much. She has a whole frikken notebook record of their battles hahahahaha.

    1. Yeah, that scorebook reminded me of when I kept track of how many times I had to defeat Yiazmat, the ultimate Rare Game in FFXII, who had something like 50 million HP. I think the episode would have benefited from no Yunyun (or Sena) and more Darkness. But the rehashing of old adventures was also disappointing. Surely in this wonderful world there are other hilarious beasts to contend with other than giant toads!

  2. I found the frog jokes still very funny because they varied visually the joke just to enough to keep it funny, Megumin slowly being sucked into the frog, Aqua and Sena being sucked in and out, and Aqua’s horror of being slimed again, did enough to keep it funny. I found some humour in the recognition of this humorous trope from the last series also – you see giant frogs and you know something humorous and awful is going to happen. It wasn’t the strongest episode the series has produced but it met my needs for a good Konosuba style laugh. I was also pleasantly surprised by the end theme which is essentially a country and western reworking of the end theme from the previous series, which was my favorite anime theme from 2016.

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