Demi-chan wa Kataritai – 02


The Gist: Machi Kyouko, the headless dullahan of class 1-B, is the focus of this week. Specifically, how she quickly falls for Takahashi-sensai and, with the help of Hikari, gets him to take her on a bodiless date.

During their date, which Takahashi has been told is just an experiment, Machi identifies some logistical issues. First, while being carried by someone else is very romantic and soothing, it’s easy to get motion sickness. Second, leaving your body behind gives whoever is around it the ability to sense your body language — but also cause disruption by touching and moving that body around.

Last, you’re completely at the mercy of whoever is around your body if you need to use the toilet…


While Takahashi is unaware of the true purpose of their experiment, he notices some of Machi’s challenges. He quietly pulls the principle aside and asks if Machi can wear a backpack instead of a regulation hand bag, which will give her an additional free hand for safety. He also asks that the permission come directly from the principal, instead of 1-B’s Demi homeroom teacher…who happens to be watching the conversation covertly at the time.

Mild harem-building, check?


The Verdict: Demi-chan continues to ooze a warm charm, while effortlessly info-dumping the audience. Everyone is friendly, playful, and likes each other in a restrained and pleasant way, which makes watching the show relaxing.

It’s smart too. If you assume each Demi serves as a proxy for a type of girl in the real world — Hikari being bisexual and Machi being handicapped — Takahashi’s big brother role is an effective vehicle to ‘answer the audiences questions about those types of girls. His supportive treatment, and their happiness to receive it, shows the audience that they could do the same.

Sure, Demi-chan isn’t remarkable looking, nor is the plot ground breaking or mysterious, but it does what it can very well. Definitely worth your eyes for the season.