Piace: Watashi no Italian – 01 (First Impressions)

screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-6-24-32-pmMelons? – the only joke this episode tried to tell…

The Gist: Average girl Nanase Morina decides she is going to get a summer job on the way home from school. Then she see’s a we’re hiring sign for a hidden restaurant in the woods, which is apparently a trattoria. She gets the job immediately, but also immediately angers Kitahara Maro (the short genius boy cook) with her inability to reach Italian, nor memorize the Japanese descriptions of the dishes.

Then she compliments him after trying some dishes and he falls for her. Roll credits… and quickly forget ever watching this.

The Verdict: I’ll grant that P:WnI is efficient and to the point. It’s about a girl with a summer job that gives her an exotic feel. She’ll make rom-com with Maro-kun, have non-interactions with the non-character with big boobs, and probably a few antics with her boy-troubled friend from school.

Beyond that… the visuals are sub par, there’s no real humor or originality or novelty to the setup, and the animated food show genre really needs a hook to be worth your while.