Urara Meirochou – 01 (First Impressions)


The Gist: a Cat Girl from the mountains travels to a town of fortune tellers to become an apprentice. She has misadventures along the way, largely due to her acting like an animal and showing her belly/forcing others to show their bellies when they are saying sorry.

Through these adventures we are introduced to the rest of the cast and various forms of divination and the town itself, which is a sort of hub for the art. The cast includes a capable young girl, a rich girl who may be a thief and doesn’t know anything, and a shy girl who’s sister is already a mid-level fortuneteller. There’s also a sheriff of sorts who’s embarrassed by all the tummy showing and tries to arrest the cast at various points. It’s an all female world by the looks of it.


The Verdict: you may like this if a line of sugar sounds like an appetizing meal. It’s cute, harmless, and everyone is nice to each other while info-dumping world details at you. The art style is serviceable, as is the animation, especially of all the woodland creatures that hang around cat-chan.

You can probably skip Urara Meirochou if you have anything else to do. While not bad in any particular way, there are no stakes or conflict setup in the first episode, and the girls themselves are so harmlessly safe that there isn’t anything interesting about them either. Unless you like jokes about acting like a cat or drinking too much tea and not being able to read the left over leaves, there isn’t anything to laugh along with either.



2 thoughts on “Urara Meirochou – 01 (First Impressions)”

  1. I think Urara Meirochou will get better when they bed the characters down to the business of becoming fortune tellers. Maybe it will develop a dark edge now and then. I enjoyed its energy and the jokes weren’t too bad. The artwork is quite nice too. I’m keeping Urara Meirochou on my watch list for this season

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