Spiritpact – 01 (First Impressions)


The Gist: You Keika is from a long line of exorcists but his generation is nothing more than fortune tellers who repair computers on the side. He’s also a bit of a lazy asshole who offhandedly trash talks anyone who talks to him. One night, while rummaging through a dump for spare computer parts, our hero witnesses a real exorcist fighting a spirit.

The Verdict: While visually sub-par, what really kills Spiritpact is its reliance on a sitcom style of humor. Characters slide-pan into the scene to fling one liners as if there was a laugh-track, which there isn’t but even that would have made it more interesting.


The soundtrack is similarly cliche or out of place. Ironically, it works well with the pacing, in so far as it emphasizes how terrible the pacing is. Here’s some dialog, accompanied with ‘thoughtful’ piano music:

“Who the heck are you?” squints Keika, who is lying on the ground of the junk yard, awash in red sparkles.

“I am Tanmoku Ki, a Youmeishi.” a gray haired man in your dad’s vision of cool clothes you can find at Nordstrom replies. He’s standing on a pile of trash, with You in the background and this static shot remains un-animated as he continues talking. “I purify the wold that has been defiled by evil spirits.”

“In other words, an exorcist.”

This is followed by You being a proud asshole about how great his ancestors were and how much better that makes him than Ki, which is animated like Charlie Brown and the Peanuts, the piano still plodding away…

You have no reason to watch this anime.