Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel – 01 (First Impressions)

To find our King Arthur, of course…

The Gist: this is the story of an all girls’ school’s semi-secret monster fighting team, that exists because monsters are appearing mysteriously more often than usual. While monster fighting and mystery are on tap, the true conflict appears to be cast need to balance their school lives, quirky friendships, and monster fighting lives at the same time.

You may enjoy SSAC for its visual gloss and character designs. Nothing is remarkable, especially the heavy use of CG for backgrounds, but the heavy use of color overlays for the technology and the bright pallet give it a rich feeling and pop.

The humor may also give you a smile, especially Protagonist-chan‘s quest to fabricate 7 Mysteries of the school, to make the school more exciting and possibly less likely to be criticized by the School Board in the process. (Cute concept, right?)


The Verdict: Unfortunately, SSAC’s opening battle, which featured a dull gray CG rendered background and underwhelming sci-fi girls attacking a goofy-looking monster without any setup, followed by a GIRLS TAKE A SHOWER scene, completely tossed my interest out the window.

It’s neither quirky enough, nor is the action’s quality high enough, for me to get invested in what appears to be a large and forgettable cast. I didn’t even process any of their names! Unless Winter’s offerings are extra terrible, I can’t imagine reviewing this moving forward.


2 thoughts on “Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel – 01 (First Impressions)”

  1. Protagonist-chan‘s quest to fabricate 7 Mysteries of the school

    Actually the protagonist is katana-wielding red ranger Tsubame, the girl with amnesia who doesn’t go to school. I guess that’s hard to get when the episode dedicated more time to 7-mystery-chan, but yeah.

    This isn’t one my favorite mobage, but I was still looking forward to the adaptation. First episode was kinda boring and unfocused, but here’s hoping it can get on track next episode.

    1. I kinda threw up my arms half way through because they were still wandering around on he ghost hunt/7 mystery plot, which only results in introducing another character, who then spends a significant portion of the episode sitting in a chair talking to a computer and a cat…

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