Demi-chan wa Kataritai – 01 (First Impressions)


The Gist: Takahashi-sensei is a high school biology teacher who wanted to study demi-humans, but has never managed to encounter any… until now. New teacher Satou Sakie is a succubus, new student Takanashi Hikari is a vampire, and there’s also a headless dullahan and a ‘snow woman’ (yuki-onna).

But this show is less about the magical-ness of these creatures and more about Takahashi-sensei breaking through stereotypes and forming charming bonds with his students.


Takahashi and Hikari are the first to connect, in no small part because his staff room is protected from direct sunlight, which is good for his teaching materials and preferable for a vampire.

In exchange for letting her stay, Takahashi gets to interview Hikari, which is full of playful back-and-forth banter, world- and character-building. The way they repeat each other’s quips back at different points in the conversation was cute and really saved the scene from feeling like exposition.

We get similar scenes between the headless girl and her classmates and, eventually, a cute scene where Hikari convinces her to ask if she can hang out in the biology office too. (she sends her headless body to sensei with a note)


The Verdict: Demi-chan is very efficient with its animation. None of it will wow you but it has some great subtle gestures, facial expressions, and pop. This is especially noticeable in Sensei’s conversations with Hikari, which are lively where a lesser show would be static and dull with the same material.

You’ll like this if you enjoyed the friendly warmth of shows like Flying Witch but wanted a little more pep and humor. It’s not quite Nozaki-kun, because the character’s aren’t that weird, but it gives me that vibe and having it from the adult teacher’s perspective, a perspective that understands teenagers’ quirks and misconceptions, keeps the show fresh from the student POV standards of school dramedy.

This one is definitely worth a watch.