Hibike! Euphonium 2 – 13 (Fin)


As expected, the final Hibike! Euphonium 2 of the season is an epilogue; it even has ‘epilogue’ in the episode title. The third years are given a proper sendoff with lovely musical performances accompanied by montages of both this season and the last.

Yoko and Natsuki take up the mantle of new president and vice president, and the former can hear the loss of the third years.

Really nice lighting effects in this scene
Really nice lighting effects in this scene

So can Taki-sensei, who acknowledges that every year school bands essentially take a big step back due to the outgoing talent. That experience must be replaced with the remaining members plus the rawer talent of incoming first years.

The same band that made it to the Nationals no longer exists. The one that intends to make it back will be an entirely new one: new leadership, new composition, new style.


Since Kumiko and Reina are first-years, they have not one but two more years to achieve their goal of National Gold. And they seem as optimistic and determined as ever to get there, despite their bronze finish this year and the loss of so much talent.

Their problems going forward are the same problems all school bands face, and secondary problems — such as Yoko and Natsuki clashing — are sure to crop up.


The key (no pun intended), I suppose, is to avoid really big dustups such as the ones that took place before Kumiko and Reina arrived at Kitauji; the kind of conflicts that actually hindered the band’s performance, and the wounds of which have now all but faded.

And so we get a nice, long, heartfelt goodbye as all the seniors play for their juniors, then vice versa. There’s a commencement ceremony, where the goodbye hugs and wishes continue. And throughout this epilogue, Kumiko is sad and upset, all because Asuka is leaving.

Ah, so THAT'S where the show's title comes from. HUH!
Ah, so THAT’S where the show’s title comes from. HUH!

She runs all over the school grounds, increasingly desperate to find her. As usual, Asuka is trying to avoid “these kind of things”, but Kumiko won’t let her escape her, or her true feelings. Kumiko thinks she might have hated Asuka at first – but now all she feels is love. Romantic love? Perhaps it hews close to that, just as you could read her feelings towards Reina on top of that mountain last season.

But whatever specific kind of love it is, she’s got it, when she didn’t have it before. Asuka is someone she let into her life and personality, while continuing to hold back from Shuu (poor Shuu). Asuka is someone leaving, whom she doesn’t want to go. She has eyes for no third-year but Asuka.

And now she’s the chief euph, and her bandmates even remark how she sounds like Asuka. Like Mamiko, Asuka has helped shape and progress Kumiko’s musical development and identity. I’m unsure if there will be a Euph 3, but there’s plenty of great material to continue with.


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One thought on “Hibike! Euphonium 2 – 13 (Fin)”

  1. Aaaaaand Shuichi gets dumped again. For the nth time. Kumiko has said “I love you” to pretty much everyone but the poor guy XD

    Overall, I have to say that this has got to be one of the best high school anime that I have seen recently. And that is due to ihow effective it showed that high school isn’t just about romances and such.. Showing the hum-drum of school band activities in loving detail really added to the sincerity of the series story and actually added ta lot of weight to the more emotional scenes. And those scenes themselves has a lot of earnestness in them despite some of them being melodramatic. Best parts for this season are definitely the Mizore and Asuka arcs.

    As for this particular ep, I like how the final performance is of the very same piece that has defined the whole story. And with the remaining members the one s playing, it was a great way of saying that they will carry on. I also love how each member of the concert band has their own unique look, which actually makes that quick scene of the seniors saying their goodbyes during the graduation ceremony really look nice.

    And that final scene between Kumiko and Asuka was also just downright beautiful. I really can’t find anything else to say.

    The cast did really well for this. Tomoyo Kurosawa did Kumiko justice. and made her believable as a teenager. Gotta give props to Chika Anzai and Minoko Kotobuki for breathing life to Reina and Asuka respectively. And while she was mostly a supporting character, Saori Hayami’s work on Haruka is also worth a mention, she really made the character also stand out in her own way.

    Overall, Ill give this series a 9 and a rewatch. .

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