To Be Hero – 10


The Gist: Yamada, Data-link, Older Prince and yes, even Min-chan are all destroyed by the Evil Emperor as Old Man looks on, unable to fight. As Min-chan’s book about Old Man being a hero falls to the ground, the question must be asked: will he rise to the cliche or will he fall to this crushing turn of events?

Verdict: I’m not sure what else To Be Hero could have done with itself by this point? This week followed the poop humor path (young prince fires urine balls at the emperor and older prince’s toilet simulates urinating on various characters) and the super evil villain kills everyone while the hero is down cliche, neither of which is very interesting…

Unfortunately, the animation was sub par too.

To Be Hero has some great highs but, over all, the characters are by the numbers when it comes to emotional connections and plot developments to invest in. What isn’t generic is poop and urine and anal related. If that’s fine with you, you may enjoy the moments between the tightly scripted humor sections. Otherwise, save yourself!


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