Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – 36


If anyone wanted confirmation Iok is a moron, this episode put all remaining doubts to rest. First, he wakes up the Mobile Armor. Second, he gets his butt kicked, his men killed, and barely escapes with his life. Third, he ruins everyone else’s plans with an ill-conceived counterattack motivated only by vengeance for his lost comrades.


That last blunder proves most costly, as the Mobile Armor heads not into McGillis and Orga’s a carefully-planned ambush in a gorge, but towards the nearest agricultural complex. There simply isn’t enough time to evacuate the facility, and when Ride tries to protect it, the Armor’s beam bounces off his armor and hits the facility anyway, killing an untold number of innocent people. Things are officially out of control.


Ride is saved by Mika, who manages to take out the swarming “Plumas” around him. Mika also stubbornly refers to the armor as a “bird”, not “angel”, as McGillis corrected him. To him, this is just another target to be eliminated, but as we don’t see him in a direct confrontation with it, and saw what happened to Iok’s elite suit, there’s a festering doubt that Mika can a.) defeat the armor and b.) do so without more collateral damage.

Chryse is the armor’s next target, and with McGillis and Isurugi are confronted by an opportunistic Mask-Gaelio, it will be mostly up to Tekkadan to stop their would-be throne from being torched by a relic from a bloody past. There’s no going back.


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2 thoughts on “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – 36”

  1. Hashmal’s first battle is a bit “underwhelming”, but only because it is in an unpopulated area. I actually like that the series is presenting this as a potentially drawn out battle. This actually makes the mobile armor more horrifying, since it does not tire out and will continue going. Makes sense that it has self repair capabilities too.

    But man, poor Ride just had to see his efforts go to waste. And it renders the nanolaminate armor more of a liability than an advantage if the fighting does get into the city. These mobile armors are obviously designed for wanton destruction regardless of target.

    And yeah, all these troubles just because of that idiot Iok.

  2. This episode just shows all over again one of the more interesting and incredibly frustrating things about Gjallarhorn in general that’s been a through-line since the beginning of the show:

    They’re not really evil so much as they are arrogant to the point of criminal stupidity. At times they incredibly frustrating to watch because they’re just dumb. You don’t so much want Tekkadan to put a bullet between their eyes so much as you want them to just slap them over and over until they wake up and stop being stupid.

    But at the same time, that’s kind of the deal with this iteration of gundam. It’s not about a war, it’s about a corrupt society led by a decadent and out of touch political order that has completely lost sight of its purpose.

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