Flip Flappers – 08


The Gist: this week, we dive the mad scientist of Team Salt. Unlike previous experiences, his mind world is very straight forward — he’s a tiny man who thinks he’s the king of his TRON’esq world. But something has invaded, and all the girls have to team up and use his combining mechs to take it down.

The style is wonderfully retro, wonderfully fluid in animation, and continues to creep Yayaka closer to being a part of Team Cocona. She even has to shout Flip Flap to help transform the mech!


There’s always a bigger mech

The Verdict: If not for the top shelf visuals, you could be forgiven if you considered this a step below previous Flip Flappings. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, but the story was rather straight forward and we didn’t learn much about the world. On the contrary, it raised more questions.

Why is Pure Illusion attacking one of its own entities? What impact did defeating the invaders have, if any, on the mad scientist? If nothing changed in him, and I’m hard pressed to identify a change, what was the point of showing us this set piece in the first place?

If the only point was to push Yayaka farther away from the Cult/Twins, so be it. Simple or not, there are few visual experiences worth this much to otherwise fill your time!