Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku – 10


What do we have here? The first magical girl backstory that actually made me feel something, and elicit something other than an indifferent shrug. Like all the other backstories, it still comes too late to be as impactful as it could have been, but it still connected. And what do you know, it’s Hardgore Alice’s alter ego: Hatoda Ako.

One reason Alice looks so dark is because Ako comes from such a dark place. Her father murdered her mother, making her a pariah at school. While her auntie seems nice enough, Ako knows she’s not needed by anyone; she’s just a burden. Then she heard about Snow White, and thought they would make a pretty sweet black-and-white duo.


Of course, this is MagiPro, so that turned to shit pretty fast. Mina disguised herself as Alice’s stuffed rabbit in order to learn Ako’s home address. Once Swim Swim knew that, all she had to do was ambush Ako when she wasn’t in her invincible form.

There’s a special twist of the knife in play here, what with Alice trying to reach out to Snow White as a friend, but simply being unable to say the right words at the right time.

That time is when Koyuki is simply freaking out about all the horrible things happening (which is justifiable), but that doesn’t make it any easier when Snow White is holding a bloody, dying Ako in her arms and learns it’s her would-be only friend in the world.


That leaves Snow White, Ripple, Swim Swim, Mina, Tama…and Cranberry. And in case you haven’t been paying attention in the last few Cranberry scenes, Cranberry isn’t like the other magical girls. In fact, she seems to be some kind of facilitator from the magical world, overseeing what is in fact a super-bloody selection process that is nearing its end as the ranks dwindle.

For the record, Cranberry would have preferred to simply kill off all the weak ones right away, but has seemingly left the administration of the game to Fav (and whoever is controlling/speaking as Fav).


Swim Swim has proven to be a one-girl wrecking crew, and when she comes to Cranberry’s forest to take her down, Cranberry uses is as an opportunity to get to know Swimmy a little better. She’s impressed by her, if not her sidekicks (she kills Mina with ease, in one of the show’s more unceremonious killings), but she still doesn’t think Swim Swim can beat her.

As for Ripple, who is out there on her own with only revenge on her mind, I’m not sure how she’s going to be able to actually exact any on Swim Swim. The first time they fought, Swim seemed to have her number, and that was with Top Speed’s help. And then there’s the possibility Cranberry will kill Swim Swim before Ripple can get to her. In any case, it’s never a dull moment in MagiPro Land.


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Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

2 thoughts on “Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku – 10”

  1. Yeah, out of all the deaths so far, this was the only one that really made me FEEL. Topspeed was a tragedy, but the abrupt random death made it seem kind of… well there wasn’t an emotional connection. Only a “damn that’s terrible, oh well”. Alice’s death on the other hand really tugged at my heartstrings.

    1. Part of it comes down to Ako’s better-late-than-never backstory, which flips the script on who we (and Koyuki) thought she was.

      Ever since her T-1000 act vs. Calamity Mary, the show had been hinting that there was more to Alice than met the eye, and boy was there ever. Her magical girl form was the opposite of Snow White’s in appearance only. Ako was helped by Snow and a bit part of her becoming a magical girl was a desire to partner with her and be useful to someone.

      Unlike other girl backstories, Ako didn’t have many choices in her dark and dreary real-life situation, and there was no one around to tell her she didn’t have to be so goddamn hard on herself. No one to take her hand and tell her to keep moving forward, since she had so much more life to live.

      Ako was an innocent. For more proof look no further than the elements that led to her demise: her stuffed animal, which Mina appropriated, and a complete lack of real-world defenses against assassination. It would have never occurred to Ako that Swim Swim would go after her.

      Ako’s magical girl form had the strength to last in a fight and deliver quite a bit of damage, for either good or bad intentions. But she was weak where it counted: she couldn’t ever act alone; not without someone, anyone by her side.

      The tragedy isn’t cheapened, but actually heightened by the scene in which Snow White loses her shit. She’d just struck an alliance, but Fav’s update throws her into a very justifiable fit. In those crucial moments, Alice couldn’t quite say what needed to be said AND Snow wasn’t in a state where she could hear it.

      Alice could act but needed a reason. Snow had a reason but couldn’t act. And now it seems the only one left who Snow can turn to is Ripple.

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