Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – 34


Tekkadan is sharpening its teeth. It has to, now that Orga has cast his lot in with McGillis. One can’t be King of Mars without a powerful army, and with Tekkadan booting up their third Gundam frame (Flauros) that army is being made into something that will hopefully make potential rivals think twice about starting anything.


Of course, some of those rivals may come from Teiwaz itself. Naze is pilloried by some of his fellow members for letting Orga make a deal with such wide-ranging effects on the entire organization. McMurdo is okay with it…as long as things go well.

If not, not only will Teiwaz likely dump Tekkadan, but Naze is on record as vouching for them with his very life. Of course, Orga is well aware he may have overstepped his bounds, so when Naze tells him this is the last time he’ll forgive him “with a smile”, he understands perfectly.


As Orga heads to Ares to start talks with various people McGillis wants him engaged in, Isurugi also impresses upon him the importance of not screwing up, even to the point of bristling at Orga’s worry Macky is “overestimating” Tekkadan. Maybe he is, but Tekkadan has come a long way in a short time, so there’s no reason they can’t keep climbing if they maintain relationships with powerful allies…provided those allies can be trusted.

Speaking of allies, we see Kudelia, Atra, and Mika gathered around the same table – a rarity this season. Not much is said, but both girls see that Mika has a new student/servant in Hush, whom Mika finds annoying but isn’t about to cast him away. Hush still has a lot to prove to a lot of people – and he certainly doesn’t seem anywhere near ready to pilot that new Gundam – but he’s working hard, and more importantly, no longer has an over-inflated sense of his abilities.


Speaking of Gundams, Masky shows Julieta what he can do in Vidar, and even after telling her he fights for revenge, she doesn’t see that in his graceful, beautiful fighting, which he chalks up to having so much fun fighting in the suit that he forgets what he’s fighting for, simply losing himself in combat.

Masky certainly shows he’s capable of taking out a good many of Tekkadan’s pilots, though Mika, Akihiro, and obviously McGillis could probably still handle him. I’m sure we’ll find out before long.


As for Macky, he keeps reading the book about the founder of Gjallarhorn at his house; the same book that lifted him out of suicidal thoughts, because Agnika Kaieru believed in building a world where anyone, regardless of birth or status, could do great things.

Macky gets Almiria on board with his plans by telling her that this is also a world in which she won’t be mocked because she’s such a young fiancee. Masky says he’s consumed by revenge and is committed to erasing his past identity (as Gaelio Bauduin) so I figure he doesn’t care about Almiria anymore. I’m hoping Macky is aware Masky is out there, so that when he inevitably comes at him, he’ll be ready.


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8 thoughts on “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – 34”

  1. I thought it was Isurugi, not Igarashi ? In any event I think Shino has Flauros marked for himself, what’s more interesting especially from the Hush perspective is that other machine they found at the mind that resembles a really big mobile worker, sounds like they’ve got the PD version of the UC Mobile Armor and I can’t wait to see that one in action. Very curious how the spotted coated Jasely is going to make himself a pain in the ass within Teiwaz in the future, he seemed way too smug after that meeting as Amida noted he was smiling as he was leaving, possible contact for Rustal mayhaps?

    Also anyone else thinking Merribit and Yukinojo dating is a red herring? Because I swear I’m not making up the vibes I kept getting between her and Orga, and this feels like a response to how dense he is about that kind of thing.

    1. Seems like they confirmed via the model or something that Hush is the pilot of the 3rd Gundam over in Japan.

      1. No confirmation of Hush piloting Flauros yet. There are still no details about the model kit itself aside from the prototype pictures. My guess is that Hush will likely inherit Shino’s custom Shiden as the guy moves up to the Flauros. In-universe, I don’t think Tekkadan will let a novice like Hush pilot a powerful MS like the Flauros. Shino has more combat experience.

        Also, that reference to the white Shiden with the custom face mask as the “King’s throne” is interesting. Looks like Orga himself will head out to battle. Though I think he will be more of the strategist than a frontline fighter, since he never did show any piloting skills before.

      2. It’s actually been confirmed that Flauros will be Shino’s. Hilariously it was revealed in Toys R’us Japan’s reveal of it on sale on their site. While the pic is still the uncolored model that they released months ago, the name has changed. It is now called the “Gundam Flauros (Ryusei-Go)” and there is only one person who would call a MS by THAT name. :P

    2. I think Merribit and Yukinojo did have some moments ever since last season, We just didn’t think anything of them. They are the two adults that work in Tekkadan (other than Dexter) and I guess they just gravitated towards each other. Merribit always did seem more like that stern aunt than anything else to Orga. More motherly than an actual partner. Also, I don’t know how and older woman/teen guy relationship would go over with this audience, especially one on a show in this early a timeslot.

      1. Not saying they didn’t but between Orga’s first meeting with Merribit and her nice smelling handkerchief and the playful banter bordering on flirting I always thought there was an intimacy going a bit too beyond one with an appropriate aunt/motherly figure. And c’mon, we really think IBO of all series is afraid to pull its punches between child soldiers, harems and gunning people down execution style? Older woman and teen guy relationship seems like the least of the shows problems… and what about Akihiro and Lafter if that’s the case?

      2. Oh and don’t get me started on the pedobear stuff beyween McGillis and Almiria…. Orga and Merribit would be a saintly couple compared to that on mainstream tv so again if IBO can go ahead with all that then I don’t see a problem between an older woman/young teen man relationship stopping them at all.

  2. DAMN! someone sabotaged my Orga x Merribit ship T^T. Oh, well, there’s still Macky x Almiria. Wait, that felt wrong.

    Kidding aside, while this is your typical “calm before the storm” episode,, it really drives home the point that this is an all or nothing gamble for everyone. Those little moments, like how much Mika loved the farm and, yes, Yukinojo and Merribit being a couple and Chad’s overreaction to it (poor guy got into a coma only to wake up and learn that his crush now has a boyfriend), really delivered in showing how much really is at stake here., not just on the grand scale of things but also on all the characters’ personal lives.

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