Keijo!!!!!!!! – 08


The Gist: The girls finish their training camp with 2 battles. Cockroach-chan eventually obliterates Twin-Tail-chan with a Meteor Hip but they become friends afterwards.

Flash forward 1 month and the girls arrive at the East-West War and immediately dislike Suruga’s girls. To be fair, they are trash talking and obnoxious ‘B-team’ character designs. So who can blame team Cockroach?

After some trash talk and lengthy character introductions, the girls are split into groups of 4 to fight in 2-round races. The first up includes Judo-chan and a jungle gym. Apparently, she’s going to take her swim-top off and get an erect nipple but what the hell that’s all about will have to wait for next week…


The Verdict: while I appreciated the 1-month-jump forward to cut out any training between camp and the battle of east and west, while I appreciate that this choice trims fat and will make some new moves seen at the war ‘surprising’ …however. However, the episode itself was a completely conventional setup episode otherwise. We meet see Suruga’s team, know they are pompus jerk tools, and know the format for the war but nothing actually happens.

Combine that with the relatively pointless two battles that end camp at the opening of the episode, which really just repeat the joke about Cow-chan being fat and introduce Twin-Tail-chan as… another character of no significance, and the whole experience felt slow.

Judo-chan’s father says it best: “This is just not right”