Keijo!!!!!!!! – 06


The Gist: This marks the beginning of the school-team-against-school-team portion of Keijo but first, it’s time to stop at the obligatory training camp for some pro-pointers. While there, Cockroach-chan learns she has a weakness but doesn’t learn what that is.

The other girls go shopping.


The Verdict: Keijo hasn’t really suffered for its soft T&A so far but, when the goofiness of the sport isn’t front and center, and when the girls are mostly just screwing around/dry humping each other, things rapidly fall apart.

If anything, the biggest failing of this week’s episode is that it did nothing with the sports-anime convention. It doesn’t help that I just watched Days’ take on sports camp rivalries, and still remember Haikyuu’s dull exploration a few seasons back. Worse worse, at least Haikyuu!! built up some of the friendships and rivalries across its sport (and school league) while doing the technique-learning of camp.

Not here. Nope. This may as well have been fill.