Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – 33


This week the Seven Stars meet, Rustal Elion feigns ignorance of Galan Mossa, and he and McGillis cross paths, after he’s fired the first shot across his bow. Rustal has always seen something in the not-related-by-blood adopted son of Iznario Fareed, but he still thinks he has the edge over him as the conflict between their two factions continues to escalate.

If Rustal is still feeling this confident even after losing someone as capable as Mossa, there’s every reason to believe it’s because he’s still got plenty of talent on his side. McGillis will have to pull out all the stops if he’s to prevail.


Everyone notices Takaki is a glum shell of the cheerful fellow they knew and loved on Mars. Kudelia tries to tell him not to be so down, seeing as how despite all his responsibilities and experiences, he IS still just a goddamn kid. He needs to see more things, broaden his knowledge, and learn how to judge and choose properly, as well as realize there is more than one choice, but infinite ones on the road called life.


In a welcome scene between Mask-Gaelio and Julieta, we learn that, like McGillis, she was someone with no family who Mossa not only taught to fight but recommended to Rustal. She is who she is because of Mossa, just as McGillis is who he is thanks to Iznario, even though he eventually rebelled against him.

Those similarities aside, Julieta’s fairly narrow frame of mind and simple black-and-white way of seeing things still mirrors Mika, who has followed Orga all this way and will continue to without question.


As for Orga, this is the week he doubles down on throwing his and Tekkadan’s lot in with McGillis. Due to his dedication to his word he would support McGillis, their fates are intertwined all but irrevocably; if McGillis falls, Tekkadan will fall too (though they still have a degree of security in Teiwaz).

McGillis decides it’s time to tell Orga what he and Tekkadan will get in return for their continued dependable service: he’ll cede Gjallarhorn’s hold over Mars to Tekkadan, essentially making them the Kings of Mars. This arrangement proves McGillis isn’t just using Tekkadan because they’re easy marks: he identifies and believes in them, to the point his own confidence in his success is dependent on being right about them.

Watching them in the early days reminded McGillis of timeless legends. We’ll see if he’s giving them too much credit, blinded by his own romanticism and desire to purify a system he was adopted into.


When Orga tells his senior staff what McGillis told him – what essentially lies at the end of the rainbow for them when the fighting’s done – Mika, Eugene, Akihiro, and Chad are all for it without question. Kudelia and Merribit are less enthusiastic about more fighting, and Takaki flat out tells Orga he’s done.

His life is not his own to throw away for glory any longer: he won’t leave Fuka behind. He doesn’t mention Biscuit, and how he left Cookie and Cracker, but he didn’t have to for Orga to understand and accept his resignation, not with indignation, but gratitude for what Takaki has contributed to this point.


Takaki follows Kudelia’s advice and takes a different path than the one everyone, including him, had blindly taken out of loyalty and a desire to protect his freedom. But he has that freedom now, and there’s too much blood in Tekkadan’s future for him to remain.

What about Mika? It’s not like Mika is ever going to waver for a second, or fail to obey every order given to him by Orga. But while I said he would never question Orga, but he does comment that this thing they’re working towards is “taking longer than he thought.”

That, and his expression of relief that Takaki threw in the towel, are the closest things to complaints he’s leveled against his big bro. Orga can pick a destination – the very Throne of Mars – but he can’t promise anyone they’ll actually ever get there. And like every leader great and small, that central uncertainty, and the consequences of his decisions, will continue to weigh on him.


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5 thoughts on “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – 33”

  1. If you have been following this show ‘s theme naming, then you pretty much know what the “Bael” little McGillis was asking for from Rustal is.. Though, how significant Gundam Bael would be is still up for speculations.. Though, copnsidering that the Gundams being uber powerful machines has beenvery much downplayed here (even the Barbatos is shown to still has its limits), then introducing an army killing “final boss Gundam” will really feel pretty jarring.

    McGillis offering Orga and Tekkadan authority over Mars is certainly a double-edged sword. It’s very much him potentially corrupting these young people in the same manner that probably led to Gjallarhorn’s corruption in the first place. And considering how oppressed they have been their whole lives, Orga accepting the offer is certainly a dangerous decision to.

    The episode also brings a nice conclusion to Takaki’s arc. After Biscuit’s death, he seems to have teen trying to take the latter’s role in Tekkadan. But he isn’t Biscuit, and the guy can only take much before he finally realizes that this isn’t the life he wants. Orga willfully sending him off to live in peace might have been born out of the guilt he still has for not being able to do the same for Biscuit. On the other hand, Mika’s blunt “He is not part of the Tekkadan family anymore” is definitely his way of tapping Takaki’s shoulder and urging him to live on for his real family the way he wants.

    1. Yeah Mika sounded really harsh and tactless for a second there, but then I remembered it’s Mika; he’s actually trying be nice by lifting one more burden from Takaki. I also liked Akihiro’s translation, along with his earnest thanks to Takaki for being a friend to Aston. Akihiro has become one of my favorite characters.

  2. Sovereigns of Mars banzai! This’ll also move Kudelia’s dream of Martian Independence into reality essentially. Still they’ll likely take on a lot more problems depending on how Teiwaz reacts to the news, with that Jasley Donomikols guy from the JPT Trust branch already complaining about them to McMurdo all the time, so that’ll be an interesting dynamic. Nice that we got to see a parting shot of Takaki in his new job settling in with Fuka at the end, especially since we’re not likely to ever see him again now that Tekkaden closed down its Earth Branch.

    Also anyone else slightly creeped out about what Gaelio/Vidar meant when he said Ein was close by? Did he install the guys brain in Gundam Vidar or something…<_<

  3. First, I must say: Welcome to the good Ship USS LafterxAkihiro.

    I’m glad we finally get confirmation that Lafter has some interest in our buff Gundam pilot. Now if we could just get something to show on his side…

    I will miss Takaki, but perhaps this is simply what is best for him. Is this the last we’ll see of him? We’ll have to see…

    We find out from a flashback that actually McGillis might not have been Iznario’s child at all. So what was with that? Why did he bring in a total outsider? And if we go by the bruises that Rustal caught a glimpse of, Iznario was also a child abuser on top of all the other horrible things he’s done. I’m even beginning to wonder if it was ONLY physical abuse, and there might have also been even more sinister things going on considering Iznario was hanging around another blond young boy last season that had the blank stare of someone who is being abused… :(

    As for McGillis’ offer, if he’s on the up anf up then it’s a great opportunity, even if it will be a great risk. There is the risk that Orga will overreach himself, and it could be to the doom of all Tekkadan, however, on the other hand, this could be something great.

    Orga takes big risks, yes, but he also doesn’t go into anything blindly, always asking for advice from multiple sources before making a decision. He knows that basically all of Tekkadan follows his call and he’s never been one to abuse that power.
    It’s been established that Tekkadan has many who would wish them ill, and whether they would be big or small, they would still have enemies in some form. Someone who doesn’t like what they have, someone who wants what they have, or someone who wants to simply use and abuse them. It’s something that Tekkadan will always have to deal with no matter what they do. And Orga works tirelessly to always be sure that they stay above water. He even stated when dealing with Dawn Horizon, that they are always one moment away from collapse.

    Part of this is because of the world they live in, the way that Mars is even crappier place to live then it was last season. It’s a lawless country where the law that does exist doesn’t understand Mars and looks down on Martians, constantly causing friction between the people and nothing ever getting done. What if instead the group in charge of protecting Mars were one that knew the world intimately, had grown up there, and knew it’s dark nooks and crannies and its people? And if say that law-enforcement group were friends with the Mars Representative who had the Arbrau PM’s ear? With such a team and even more resources behind them, could this finally change Mars for the better?

    And wouldn’t this also allow Tekkadan to become a legitimate group that can fight for the downtrodden people like them, and they can be true to themselves and yet not have to kill to survive?
    It would be a huge gambit for Tekkadan to be sure, but it would give security and a place of belonging to his people that Orga has only ever dreamed of.

    1. Even if Laffter was available (Azee implies she isn’t due to their relationship with Naze), and even if she got Naze’s blessing, I agree that it’s doubtful Akihiro will be able to pick anything up. Between being a good pilot, soldier, and big bro, he’s never had time for romance and won’t know it even if it’s shouting in his face.

      So yeah, Laffter has some serious work to do if she wants anything to go anywhere. But I still like how it’s been building bit by bit on the margins of episodes, ever since the two started their simulator training way back.

      I also like how the McGillis thing doesn’t really feel like your typical “deal with the devil.” First, McGillis is a lot more complex than that; second, a victorious Tekkadan taking over Mars makes sense. If anything, the failed Earth Branch experiment has taught Orga that they’re still too many rungs down on the ladder for him to declare to Mika that they’ve “made it.”

      They’ve made enormous progress, but as long as corrupt elements remain above them, plotting and manipulating them, they’ll never be able to truly relax. Orga and Mika’s ideal, at its purest, means virtually no one can be above them as long as those people have interests that run counter to their own – even if it’s Naze and McMurdo.

      A lot hinges on how sincere McGillis is and whether Tekkadan’s potential is as legendary as he seems to believe. There’s no evidence to doubt his sincerity. Whether Tekkadan can deliver is up to them.

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