Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku – 07


After the ordeal with Magicaloid and Hardgore Alice, Koyuki wakes up in her bed, shaken but none the worse for wear, and in possession of a rabbit’s foot, a rare item Fav says belongs to Alice. Koyuki wants to return it, but wants nothing else to do with Alice, who freaks her out royally.


When Calamity Mary gets wind of Magicaloid’s death, she seeks out Alice, but no matter how hard she tries, she just can’t kill the bitch. Riddling her with bullet holes? Nothing. Blowing her to a bloody pulp with a shotgun, machine gun, and grenade? Nada. Chopping her gooey remains to pieces, setting them aflame, pouring acid over them, burying them in a drum full of cement and tossing it into the ocean? Absolutely no effect.

Calamity Mary has finally found an implacable adversary, and it’s uncertain whether she’s excited or simply going insane from that prospect. It is interesting, however, that by trying to take out Alice, she’s showing a kind of loyalty to her former business associate. Honor among thieves and all that.


Sazanami Kano AKA Ripple is billed as a main character alongside Koyuki, and we’ve seen a bunch of her, but didn’t know quite where she was coming from until this week. Her life is presented as a series of incidents where she can’t take it anymore, lashes out physically, and ends up alone.

Granted, people say and do awful things to her that warrant a good punching, but it’s clear she’s not exactly what you’d call fulfilled. Maybe she sticks with Top Speed out of a desire to connect with someone that still endures despite all the awful experiences she’s had with people…as enduring as Hardgore Alice’s invincible Terminator body.


As for Alice, she confronts Koyuki, and won’t leave her alone even when she tries to run away, but while doing this makes her threatening, Alice takes no violent action against her. In fact, she’s adamant that she merely gave Koyuki her rabbit’s foot because “she felt like it.”

Maybe despite appearances she’s not someone Koyuki needs to be worried about. Swim Swim is another story, as the episode ends with her setting up an ambush for Nana and Winterprison, who are seeking unity in these troubling times.

As for Calamity Mary wanting to meet with Ripple, I’m not sure what that’s about, but surely someone has to bite the dust at some point, as there are currently more girls left than episodes.


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4 thoughts on “Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku – 07”

  1. Wow they really went over the top in showing just how physically unkillable Alice is. Seriously this goes way beyond regeneration lol. Mary probably had the right idea with the acid + cement method? Make sure the cement gets nice and dry first. Then again her goo slime form has enough strength to punch out of a steel barrel.

    1. The only way I see is some kind of magical power, possibly one only one of the girls has, that will nullify Alice’s invulnerability. I don’t think there’s any conventional way to destroy her, including nukes. You could break her up into tiny pieces and launch her into space in a capsule that will attain escape velocity and exit the solar system. But she still wouldn’t die…and that’s an expensive method!

  2. Ripple’s backstory really feels out of place for this episode. It comes out of nowhere and She barely appeared here and what little screentime and Top Speed had didn’t even connect with the main plot of the episode, which is Calamity Mary vs. Alice, or even to the subplots of Koyuki, Sister Nana, and Winterprison.

    1. Agreed. I even wondered at first if it was supposed to be Calamity Mary’s backstory.

      Ripple and Top Speed have always kinda had their own asides from episode to episode. But stuffing Ripple’s backstory in here, as you said, made little sense.

      It was a pretty scattered episode overall, but the Alice stuff earned it an 8.

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