To Be Hero – 06


The Gist: despite its obsession with toilet humor. episode 6 nails its satire of mid season twists this week. Prince’s attacker turns out to be a spurned lover and a double surprise backstory for why he came to invade earth. The lover, a barbed tail like creature that anchors to the butt of a ‘battery’ that looks like a girl, immediately forms a second loop to this show’s love triangle (because Yamata gives her CPR… without knowing the ‘girl’s’ mouth is actually her anus)

Prince has fully rotated into the hero camp and Old Man has accepted him, even the point of accepting Prince’s love for Min-chan.

Then Prince’s bother shows up as the new villain, only to immediately be cliff-hanger over shadowed by an Old Man look alike showing up at his apartment door. Dun dun duunnnnn


Verdict: The dialog was snappy, entertaining, and not as purely gross as it could be. Yes, there were some butt-sucking jokes, but they were much less drawn out than I expected. That said, this fell way short of To Be Hero’s strongest performance.