Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – 31


Even Takaki can feel it: something’s not right. Something hasn’t been right since Chad was injured, Radice took over, and Galan was brought on. But that “something” is impossible for him to grasp, at least to the point it alters the course he and the other Earth Branchers of Tekkadan, which is precisely the course Galan wants them on: the path to ruin.


As such, Takaki finds himself very nearly back to where this all began: human tools of CGS; cannon fodder for endless, pointless battles between Arbrau and the SAU. And it’s all in service of weakening McGillis’ position and reputation. As he stares in his coffee, McGillis knows exactly what’s going on, as he’s probably been expecting concerted resistance to his reform movement. It’s strange to see him on his heels, almost forced to make a move.


I’m not yet sure if McGillis is being played here, but Takaki and Aston are being played like fiddles. Galan treats them decently, but behind their backs calls them dogs he’s helpfully trained for Rastal. He tells Takaki again and again that this is it; the last battle; just one more push and he can go back home to his normal happy life with Fuka and Aston. Only they’re just words, and in reality there is no end to the war in sight.


That’s just how Galan, Radice, and Rustal want it. It’s another case of the adults getting one over on the kids; manipulating their emotions to keep them pliable. Galan even goes out of his way to save Takaki’s life, not just to keep up the charade but to build more trust; trust Galan has every intention of betraying when the time is right.

It’s an episode that establishes a terrible situation for Earth Branch, and makes me question the wisdom of splitting Tekkadan’s forces across two planets in the first place. Mika, Kudelia, Eugene & Co. are on their way, and may be able to provide some relief but Galan won’t make it easy for them to interfere in his plans. Will it be too little, too late to save Takaki?

Meanwhile, McGillis takes the stage in his mobile suit, determined after a matter of weeks to nip this sprawling yet low-boil conflict in the bud. A rematch with the masked Gaelio seems imminent.


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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

2 thoughts on “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – 31”

  1. I’ve read viewer comments on how this part is really boring and that they want to see intense action fast. Pretty amusing, considering that this seems to be the whole point of this particular plot: that war isn’t the glorious action adventure that you see on TV and is in fact horrifyingly “boring”, and that prolonged battles often seen in wars of attrition can really start to “bore” and break down soldiers (more so child soldiers) both physically and mentally.

    And looks like Hush is being molded further into a sort of audience surrogate, with his over-eagerness to see action in the battlefield and “kick butt” in an MS ng those comments above.

    1. It’s probably the same crowd that complained about all the “boring” talking parts in the first season as well. My thing is that if it was opposite and there was action all the time, the show would ACTUALLY be boring. Action scenes 24/7 with no break and no reasoning gets really old, really fast. If you have a single continuous climax, your story simply plateaus and doesn’t go anywhere. You have to have rising and falling actions for the climax to pay off. You have to talking scenes, development both of the plot and characters for a series to work. It’s because of all of that that I enjoy IBO so much. It’s not just about the fights, but also takes time to develop the characters and gets you to feel for their plight.

      Also, this episode DID have some action scenes. There were no Gundams in it, but they were there.

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