Flip Flappers – 05


The Gist: Papika and Cocona are stuck in a looping nightmare school that reboots at midnight. Yayaka is there too, and seems to better equipped to handle the situation, though she doesn’t seem able to fully get out of it.

After figuring out some of the puzzle, Papika and Cocona gain access to the school’s bell tower, which is a monstrous death trap. Team Yayaka arrives around the same time but it falls on Cocona to actually collect the fragment.

When they return, courtesy of Yayaka, Cocona refuses to hand over the fragment and the battle line is now drawn…


blah blah blah well rendered, blah blah blah dream like, adorable, and interesting. Yes, this week’s Flip Flappers was like previous outings in all the good ways.

What made it better than usual (though not enough to score a 10) was the utterly terrifying setting and characters Cocona and Papika were up against. The dolls and ink-face school girls were genuinely creepy, with wonderfully strange synth voices and audio.

And that super cute image of our girl’s base communication’s lady posing was the perfect thing to disarm us for all the creepiness to come.


The Verdict: Flip Flappers continues to play it’s own particular blend of magic girl adventure story. You could possibly argue that it is playing with genre conventions, with each episode marginally approaching a different kind of magical girl story telling, but I’m not totally sold on that.

In the end, the story is played straight forward and I’m okay with that.

Flip Flapping!