To Be Hero – 05


“I’m a superhero, y’know? What’s with this treatment??” – Old Man

The Gist: Old Man flashbacks show us how the stress of his career slowly ate away his marriage and turned him from a loving husband to an empty womanizer. Returning to the present to find Prince has been choking him all night, we get a string of potty-humor before Min-chan arrives in need of a plumber.

The tub faucet is leaking and, as an extension of their rivalry, Old Man and Prince compete to fix it. Prince actually tries to drink the whole water supply, while Old Man just uses plumber’s tape, which Min-chan identifies as a lazy fix like her own father would make…

It’s a whistful experience for Old Man. Looping back, this leak was the turning point in his marriage — when he stopped caring — and Min-chan was right there in the tub when it happened. This causes Old Man to reveal his family connection to Prince, which seems like a bad idea but Prince has already transitioned to a quasi-good guy.

Then Prince’s father sends more aliens after him, one of which appears to be standing right outside the apartment…


“This guy’s quite good at Japanese even though he’s an alien…” – Old Man

Verdict: The looping backstory element was nicely done, with decent emotional resonance. Some of the humor was good too, usually Old Man’s responses to the absurd world around him.

However, Perv’s ‘naughty’ jokes are bland, and the obvious attempts to make non-sexual scenes look like sex scenes don’t add anything to the show. I’m not sure why it’s supposed to be funny to see Prince holding the tub faucet down while Old Man tighten’s the washers, with water ‘jacking’ over his face? I’m not sure why a younger viewer would want to watch the non-naughty parts of the show?