Keijo!!!!!!!! – 04


The Gist:  Miyata-chan faces off against RinRin for a lengthy fight that ultimately results in her stunning surprise victory… because she gives herself a wedgie to go faster.

Clumsy-chan faces off against all the strong girls next… and also wins, because her butt is super soft and the muscle-ladies just bounce off into the water. Hillbilly-chan seems like she will win too, except she and her allies are hypnotized and fall into the water.

Cockroach-chan is up next but we don’t see her fight against Headphones-chan. However, we do flash forward after the credits and see Headphones-chan’s butt skimming across the water like Jaws in what probably amounts to a nightmare for Cockroach-chan.

Roll Credits!


The “Ass of Vajra” is thus, totally defeated…

Keijo continues to be blissfully insane, pandering, and very well crafted. Each of this week’s three fights each captured aspects of those strengths, in its own way, but the major standout was definitely the giggle inducing sound design.

Miyata x Rin featured butt-gattling blur and so-fast they dissapear cliches of any fight anime. The sound was conga-drum like, but when Miyata yanked up her swimsuit to accelerate higher and became a flashing blue-blurr, a scifi’esq fart noise came in. Serious, I can’t find a better description.

Clumsy x Yajra was the shortest, least interesting fight, with the most distorted body rendering but major props must be given for the GONG sound that rang out each time a tough girl’s butt smashed together.

Lastly, the creepy song that descended on Hillbilly-chan as the Number 1-chan’s boobs slowly transfixed her was dead on for Vampire Princess Miyu effect. I’m not sure why that worked either but Hillbilly-chan’s appalled shock sold it as a joke all the way.


“No Way! Titty Hypnosis??” – Hillbilly-chan

The Verdict: if this show was any less absurd or well constructed, the pandering would really have dragged it down this week. But I’ve gotta assume that its crumple-butt and farting sounds are intentionally unsexy in a way to poke fun at anyone who really gets into the pandering.

Man, what a bizarre gem this is!