Flip Flappers – 04


The Gist: Papika and Cocona confront Yayaka but little evolves on that front before the two must spend two days living together. At first, this is contained to the school campus and the little dump sight that Papika has converted into a fort of sorts.

Later, while trying to catch fish for breakfast on a deserted island, the girls are trapped when the hover board washes out to see. This forces the girls to forage for food and create shelter, and eventually build a raft to get back to school.

Much of this plays to Papika’s rough-and-tumble strengths and, by the end, Cocona comes to realize how limited her knowledge and usefulness really is. Happy, closer, more understanding of each other, the sky opens up and Pure Illusion sucks our heroes in.

Yayaka and the twins are not far behind…


Flip Flappers is all about lovely details and delivering over-the-top weirdness in an under-the-top way. In one example, Papika gives Cocona a shell she has found on the beech and painted… only for a crab to pop out. However, Papika simply says ‘oh, it wasn’t empty’ and puts it down behind her. The crab slowly crawls out of the frame while the girls talk about something else.




The Verdict: Flip Flappers doesn’t really have any faults. It’s fairly surface, with a simple relationship story at its core, but the surface layer is very rich with detail and nuance.

If I have a criticism, as a reviewer, it’s that Flip Flappers is somewhat hard to talk about beyond calling out the surface details. I don’t get a sense that a deeper meaning hides under the surface and the relationship isn’t that complex. However, dream-like wonder if more than enough for me.