To Be Hero – 04


Fortunately, our Hero is completely invulnerable…

The Gist: after a moment of surprise, Old Man discovers that his can not be harmed for more than a moment. Not even by blood loss, which does occur when he is ‘penetrated’ by Prince.

Things get boring fast, so Old Man picks his nose, which leads Price to believe boogers are Old Man‘s weakness. So Prince eats one and makes a giant booger ball but, before the showdown can happen, Old Man’s little girl shows up and beats ‘the perv‘ to a pulp.

…which reminds Prince of how his mother used to beat him, and how much he felt loved back then. Roll Credits!


Yes… that is a giant ball of snot the Alien Prince is holding…

Verdict: This week would probably appeal to an 8 year old. The opening gag (where Prince keeps stabbing into Old Man yelling “but I put it in you from behind” type lines that Old Man calls out as creepy sex references) seem tailor made for that audience. However, the whole gross section devoted to eating/smearing boogers, seems fit for an even younger audience. Who knows who the child abuse gags were meant for…

Like the second episode, which spent more time being gross than funny or intelligent, episode 4 fell totally flat. I mean I get it. The aliens are dumb and dumbfounded by our world, and the humor doesn’t hold its punches but watching people get covered in animated bodily excretions isn’t appealing to me.

Shrug? Given the bipolar nature (and shorter episode length) of this series, I’m happy to tune in next week but man are the review scores going to be all over the place!