Keijo!!!!!!!! – 03


The Gist: Cockroach-chan and Miyata-chan spend this week upgrading their skills, one more obviously than the other. While the vacuum butt cannon is obviously powerful and highly regarded by the instructors, Cockroach-chan is forbidden to use it due to significant health risks it entails. However, she earns the right to learn more about it by wearing a BDSM swim suit for a month.

Meanwhile Miyata learns about… making a tighter butt crack to increase her multi-hit speed, which she will use during the episode-ending challenge with the elite class players.


We also learn about the 3 types of players: Infighters that rely on strength, outfighters that use speed and position, and counters that …use counters. This is very straight forward but lends a bit more credibility to the sport, which is massively important in a show that could otherwise be about butts only.

Straight up, this week was packed with pandering shots. There’s no escaping all the boobs and butts and that’s not even getting into the moaning and homosexuality that seems more erotic than character related.

Still, the episode remained very well rendered, full of charm, and carried the characters forward. We even see some cleverness in the other room 309 players: they give free massages to the girls, which gives them a deeper understanding of muscle and each girl’s tactical strengths.


The Verdict: The fact that Keijo calls out its hero’s super attack as dangerous and possibly career ending, goes way beyond more serious sports anime like Haikyuu!! or Days. I still can’t believe I’m saying this but this show actually puts thought into a typically formulaic genre.

This is sports anime it its best, most pandering, well rendered, and likable. Call it shameless for all its boobs and butts, but Keijo puts all of its heart in the right place: it treats its absurd subject sincerely.