Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – 28


This week is a case of strange bedfellows and an unexpectedly huge and complex space battle. Orga can only move Tekkadan forward, but Merribit is there to remind him not to push too far too fast, and there’s a constant feeling Fareed’s Gjallarhorn allies could turn on them at any minute. So it’s interesting when they don’t, though they only brought one ship out of five promised, for “reasons.”


The Gjallarhorn no-nonsense Captain Isurugi (perhaps the most level-headed and least scenery-chewing GJ commander to date) wanted to get a head start on the battle because the victor will get the fame of having taken down Dawn Horizon.

But Dawn’s leader Reuters seemed to be counting on his opponent to attack quickly when his forces were scattered…which is why he tricked them by towing seven of his fleet’s ships behind the only three Tekkadan detected. The Orphans used to pull off tricks like this all the time, now they’re falling for them. The times they are a-changin’…


Even though they have the numbers, Dawn doesn’t have Mikazuki Augus, who goes about his business in his usual casually brutal way. We also meet Akihito’s huge Gusion “Rebake”, and the Tekkadan pilots experience the very strange sensation of being covered, not attacked, by Gjallarhorn Grazes. The goal isn’t total victory over a larger opponent, but simply buying time for the rest of Gjallarhorn’s fleet to show up. And it’s a tremendout battle – one of IBO’s finest.


Even that task requires all mobile suits to be brought back in for pit stops, and launches are staggered so there’s always someone out there. When Mika comes in, Hush, assigned to flight deck duty, curses under his breath how efficient Mika was with his propellant, despite moving around the most.

Mika, meanwhile, is personally refueled with pita sandwiches by Atra, making sure the pilot who makes Barbatos go doesn’t go hungry in the midst of a battle. Even in an intense battle like this, it’s warmer lighter moments like these that give life and realism to proceedings that would otherwise be stodgy.


We perhaps learn the reason Fareed’s Gjallarhorn ship arrived so quickly: when the others show up, they have no intention of fighting with Tekkadan. Iok, Julieta, and the bitter Masked Man (Gaelio?) all pilot mobile suits and add even more complexity to the battle. Reuters also covers Dawn’s withdrawal by taking his Hugo out.

But when Mika engages, he’s blocked by Julieta, who so far is not acting as crazy as her butterfly-eating debut. Perhaps, like Mika, she’s All Business when she’s in the cockpit? In any case, these two will either start going at it next week, or one or both of their COs will tell them to stand down. One would hope the pirate leader doesn’t get to slip away in all the confusion over dibs and jurisdiction.


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3 thoughts on “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – 28”

  1. Finally got a chance to see the episode fully and so now I can give my full thoughts:

    The best episode of the new season, we had a really great close, tension filled battle. I loved seeing all three sides. Tekkadan actually fights pretty well with Gjallarhorn, or at least those sides that are working with McGillis. I like Isurugi, he’s pretty down to Earth and seems to have no problem whatsoever with Tekkadan. I’ll be interested in seeing more of his side in the future.

    As for Rustal and his Arianrhod forces, I think they will last longer than this, but I can see them becoming Tekkadan’s enemies in the future. I wonder what will happen that will cause Tekkadan to have to fight Gjallarhorn again? Right now, they are pretty much sticking to their PMC status and thus not really a target, I wonder how that will play out later.

    But it’s not like that stops Julieta, who I can already see is going to become quite the problem. I have a feeling she’s still going to become Ein 2.0, especially if something happens to Rustal. The thing is, she stopped Mika, but if Mika can keep her engaged, one of the others can go and take out Sandoval, so whatever Julieta tries to do, she’ll have to realize just who she messed with when she decided to take on Mika.

    As for Tekkadan’s forces, I really love how they’ve expanded and how proficient they’ve become since the beginning of last season. From Shino’s team, to Akihiro’s team, and Mika taking down everything in sight.

    Though a slight damper is felt when you find out that the kids they are fighting are all human debris. Especially that one kid that Mika pretty much destroyed.

    We see more of masked man Vidar (aka Gaelio) and his men, and find out that he’s desire revenge against Tekkadan and McGillis. I’m doubly excited to find out where this leads!

    On a side note: Hush wasn’t in this episode much, but all the times he was on screen, he was whining. Come on, Hush! I want to like you, but you are not doing yourself any favors.

  2. This episode has got to be one of the best space battles in Gundam in a long while, I like how the ships themselves are an active part of the battle, with them moving a lot instead of just standing still and firing connons.

    The pit stop scenes are also great. It gives the audience a more immersive feel for the rush and tension of the battle, instead of making it like watching from a far view deck. Those scenes also showed nicely how far Tekkadan has come from the ragtag bunch that they were in S1, now being much more efficient in running operations. That “feeding: moment between Mika and Atra was also a nice touch.

    And despite this one being all action, the episode even managed to slip in some great development for Orga’s and Merribit’s relationship. She doesn’t see him as a rebellious teenager anymore, but more of a man. And he has definitely warmed up to her a lot by this time. I await the time when the ship fully sets sail

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