Soushin Shoujo Matoi – 02


The Gist: ‘Toi makes it home safely, albeit naked, only to run right into Yuma, who’s somewhat miffed that ‘Toi gets to be the magic girl in their relationship. However, they quickly discover Yuma has a degree of control over the… whatever god or creature that floats around ‘Toi, and that only the two of them can see it.

Meanwhile, demons grab control of other people, Shingo remembers a little bit more about ‘Toi’s mom, Luciela does not much of anything, and there’s a big alternative dimension showdown between ‘Toi and a Monster that is only won when Clarus shows up. (Clarus was called Fatima last week… I’m not sure why)


What worked: Yuma’s enthusiasm only dips for a short moment at the beginning and, from then on, she’s excitedly getting ‘Toi into trouble. Becoming a local/twitter celebrity and having to wear a silly disguise (because the magical magic girl uniform doesn’t exactly come off) was all enjoyable.

What meh’ed or less: While the magic world fight was comical (‘Toi tried to use a shotgun as a club) it wasn’t exactly exciting. Likewise, Clarus and the conspiracy demon plot is taken a little too seriously for its own good. Maybe that juxtaposition helps the core duo’s antics, or maybe the heavy handedness will become more intentionally ironic over time? For now, it’s the less interesting part.


Oji’s Verdict: Soushin Shoujo Matoi teeters on earning an 8 for it’s less serious (but not stupid) take on the magic girl genre. Yuma and ‘Toi are enjoyable characters with good chemistry and the underlying gags, that ‘Toi really doesn’t want these powers and these powers are not entirely helpful all the time, are pulled off pretty well.

Overall, the snappy dialog is charm of the core relationship is what sells this. The plot is fairly by-the-book magic girl… without a twist. If that hasn’t made you smile so far, there are plenty more innovative shows to watch this season.