Keijo!!!!!!!! – 02


The Gist: “Cockroach-chan” Kaminashi Nozomi and her room mates in #309 start their first real week of Keijo training. The regimen is detailed, butt specific, and handled about as seriously as any sports anime. Despite the obvious T&A pandering going on, that seriousness really sells it.

Beyond jiggle, the episode’s goal was to introduce the room mates more roundly, and establish their strengths in team work and friendship. cockroach-chan also pulls off a Vacuum Butt Cannon, which impresses the teachers enough to earn her an Ujibe Training Mail swimsuit… that looks like an Alien BDSM getup.


The Verdict: in many ways episode 2 leaned harder its baser presentation values than episode 1. However, it provided so many magically stupid gems to chuckle at AND some of the action, especially involving Cockroach-chan, is fantastically well rendered.

“Know not thy rump, never shalt thou triumph”

“Asstronomy. It’s the science of the Butt.”

And the homeroom teacher back-smacking an eraser into Cockroach-chan’s head, yes, with her butt. I can’t make this stuff up. It’s wonderful schlock!


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  1. Holy crap did i not expect things to get this silly (dont know why i didnt) but boy does it work. The weights between the asscheeks is probably going to become a meme as well as those unforgettable quotes. THIS SHOW IS GOLD!!!. Im too impressed by how straight this show plays this shit and makes it work on such an entertaining value. Im not sitting her like “oh god this is bad”…instead im like “man this is so silly so why does it work?”

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