Flip Flappers – 02


The Gist: without explanation for the evil robots that captured the girls at the close of last week, episode two quickly hops into a conflict between Papika, Cocona and Yayaka. Papika’s too bold and embarrassing for Cocona to be around and Yayaka appears to fear being replaced as the social-convention breaker.

Cocona attempts to avoid Papika through school, but this quickly backfires when Papika joins her class as a transfer student… and Cocona’s green pet rabbit Uexkull gets sucked into the school’s… grass vacuuming robot?

During the ensuing Pure Illusion adventure, the girls gain a stronger mutual understanding. Papika realizes what it is like to be afraid that a friend might be killed and also experiences a ‘power up’ moment like Cocona’s last week. Uexkull even transforms into a male love interest of sorts.

Finally, home again, Cocona agrees to join Papika on adventures regularly. We meet a few of Papika’s coworkers, including Mr Salt, and end with our delightful pair going on another adventure.

Roll credits…


Flip Flappers really nails a dreamlike aesthetic, with bizarre elements softly moving in and out of the story. The sound design is especially fantastic, with gems like a mooing sound for water drops and the subtle car crash as Cocona lands.

Papika and Uexkull are both adorable too, with wonderful happy expressions and zany body language. The entire segment where the girls become bunnies and must nibble on hard things compulsively, is packed with wide eyed drooling, ‘hard’ objects floating around the characters’ mental space, and miraculously ties into a plot point at the end.

The episode managed to move the plot forward, have a bizarre but well structured adventure, stay subtly creepy, advance character relationships and introduce a new character. The fact that all of it was done well is astounding.


The Verdict: more than last week, this episode was packed with visual details and wondrous moments that excited me to rewatch. The dreamlike quality is infectious and, that it catches on with Cocona too makes it all the stronger.

Very very nearly a 10


One thought on “Flip Flappers – 02”

  1. today’s ep makes me wonder what exactly goes into creating these pure illusion phenomenons. Papika notes that she and cocona have to be on the same wavelength to enter pure illusion however im wondering how the medium they travel through effects their chances of being pulled into pure illusion. In this wek’s ep, they got pulled into the vacuum, but what made the vacuum a suitable medium to travel into pure illusion? It would be cool as hell if literally anything could serve as a portal and foundation for pure illusion. Hmmm, i also noticed that papika didnt like the scent of the nurse’s office as she covered her nose when she approached the door. Is it because it’s a place people go to when their not feeling well and papika can smell the “unwellness?”…this series continues to be nothing but pure visual storytelling and i dig it but i could understand why a person watching this may not find themselves gravitating to what’s happening. This series is more about visual immersion and letting that sell the themes of the narrative; if you dont respond to the stimuli the show throws at you, you’re gonna have a difficult time getting into it. It works for me so im down for more and next ep looks like its gonna be an energetic and pulse pounding one

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