Gi(a)rlish Number – 01 (First Impressions)


The Gist: We follow Karasuma Chitose, a hungry rookie seiyuu in the anime industry who finds said industry very weird and difficult to navigate smoothly. After a series of bit parts, her older brother and manager Gojou manages to get her a leading role as an “idol seiyuu”, though not altogether intentionally.


I’m not sure if you remember Sore ga Seiyuu! which documented the days in the lives of three seiyuus who got along swimmingly as their careers gradually rose. GN is a lot like that, but without all the edges smoothed off.

There’s a nice bite to this show that gives it a realism and cynicism the other show lacked. It’s less concerned with the process and players and more interested in all the clashing personalities and their various insecurities.


Chitose may be a rookie in this industry, which nearly leads to her ending up having dinner with the author of a light novel, but she’s not a total naïf, nor is she a perfect earnest person.

She, like everyone around her, is full of interesting little flaws, which makes me want to root for her all the more in such a competitive industry, where you never know who’s a friend and who’s just messing with you for their own amusement.


I especially liked the portrayal of the industry higher-ups, who give Chitose a leading role based…on nothing at all, besides gut feeling. The scenes of their glad-handing and boisterous laughter give Chitose’s brother Gojou pause, and he looks very concerned indeed when Chitose accepts the role and joins that chorus of laughing.

She’s so excited by the prospect of making it big, she may not realize she’s being used, and any failure will be blamed on her, marring her career before it had the chance to get off the ground.

Or, maybe she’s well aware of the risks and is going for it anyway.

OR, maybe everything actually will work out the way everyone hopes with no problems at all! After all, Chitose’s seiyuu did voice Mumei in Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. We’ll see.



Author: sesameacrylic

Zane Kalish is a staff writer for RABUJOI.