Shuumatsu no Izetta – 02


Thanks to Papika Izetta, Princess Fine is free from the Germanians, but they’re not out of the woods. An enemy patrol spots the smoke plume from their transport and before long the two girls are locked in an alpine dogfight that’s a feast for the eyes.


Izetta sees no other choice but to break taboo and her promise to her granny and use her magic openly. The results are an astounding demonstration of her potential as a weapon against the Germanians, taking out three planes, but she runs out of mana before the lead plane is downed.

Enter a still-bleeding Fine, who reminds Izetta she’s not riding a broom, but a giant rifle, which they use to take out the last plane. After the sustained battle, Fine is out cold, Izetta’s tank is empty, and she has to ditch the gun and make for the Eylstadt fortress on foot.


By good fortune Izetta encounters a force of retreating Elystadt survivors led by Major Obermeyer, and their suregon fixes Fine up while also tending to Izetta’s wounds. Izetta is loath to accept any help, favor, or comfort, and it all has to do with the old scar the doc notices on Fine’s side, for which Izetta blames herself.

As the first episode hinted, Izetta and Fine had met before, and it wasn’t a dream. Izetta isn’t some scientific specimen or non-corporeal supreme being…she’s just a girl. A girl who happened to be the last in a line of witches. Her grandmother noted she was the most powerful in generations, despite being the last, and so had to take extra care not to get tangled up in trouble.


Things just didn’t work out that way, but it wasn’t all for naught: Izetta and Fine meeting was the best thing to happen to either of them, because they were the only ones who saw each other for what they were: not a witch to be feared or a princess to be fawned over, but two girls in need of best friends.

Fine received her side wound defending Izetta from an angry mob, doing as she’s always done: value the lives of others as much if not more than her own. She wants to save Izetta again by sending her away rather than using her, but Izetta won’t hear of it. She wants to be used, and she wants Fine to be the hope that drives her, just as it drives the desperate armies and subjects of Eylstadt.

Beginning with a thrilling aerial battle, leading to some vital backstory, and concluding with Izetta’s vow not to leave Fine’s side in the coming battles, this episode had a little of everything, and was as efficient in its storytelling as it was entertaining and moving.


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3 thoughts on “Shuumatsu no Izetta – 02”

  1. I was not as impressed this episode as last. The animation took a serious dive in quality — frame rate was down, many scenes were extremely close to the characters with little background visible, and the story sputtered forward. Did we really need so many repeats of the same flash back in such a short period of time?

    1. I’m not typically hard on second episodes that don’t quite reach the quality of the first episode. First episodes usually have to look great, or they won’t hook an audience.

      That being said, the aerial battle scene was excellent; I can’t fault it unless getting into nitty-gritty technical details, which frankly bore me. I’m here for the story, and if nothing sticks out as particularly bad visually, I won’t mention it in the review.

      I definitely don’t pay attention to differences in frame rate, unless we’re talking about Magic Barristers-level ball-dropping.

      As for the flashback, it was presented in bits and pieces, with the context gradually building. I didn’t mind it, considering the importance of that day for both characters.

  2. Another entertaining episode I thought. The exciting aerial battle with the Germanian Me-109’s was very well done without going totally over the top with a display of magical pyrotechnics. There was sufficient back story to keep me interested and the warm relationship between Fine and Izetta was further explored in a satisfying manner. Attention to detail was great again in this episode, with both the Me109’s looking spot on, and the somewhat antiquated armaments of the Eylstadt troops was emphasised by their use of First World War equipment, including tanks from that period. Izetta, with its alternate World War Two setting at the moment favourably compares with another show this season mining similar territory, the latest installment in the Strike Witches series. “Brave Witches”. Izetta is more original, its action scenes (so far) are better constructed and its attention to period detail so far surpasses that of Brave Witches. These positives I think will ensure Izetta holds its audience over the course of the season.

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