Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku – 02


This week we get to learn a bit more about the other magical girls and their various affiliations, the method by which Fav will determing which magical girls will be culled, and most importantly, the consequences of being one of those girls.

Calamity Mary is a loose cannon, in this for herself. Top Speed looks after Ripple, to whom trouble seems to always come. Ruler leads the largest alliance of girls, and won’t let anyone in her group drop out.


While some of the girls’ abilities leave me wondering how they collect “Magical Candies” to determine who survives, with Snow White and La Pucelle there isn’t really any wonder. Koyuki is a good-deed-doing machine, and just being with her keeps Souta out of the points basement.


Unfortunately, someone has to “go” every week for the next eight weeks, and this week is no exception. And while Nemurin’s “deeds” include saving the world and space multiple times, because she’s only doing it in people’s dreams, her candies are only dream candies.

She doesn’t seem to mind, since she’s having fun helping people in dreams. And in the real world, she’s getting ready to end her NEET status and move forward in her life, so if she’s the first to lose, it’s not that big a deal.


Of course, things aren’t that simple. It was disquieting enough to see Nemurin’s avatar get rubbed out, followed by the curt message that she’s been “deleted.” It’s quite another matter when, after the stroke of midnight on her last night as a magical girl, Sanjou Nemu “says goodbye to everything”, and her mother finds her lying dead in her bead.

Now we know this isn’t just a competition to remain being a magical girl. These girls are fighting for their lives. Most, including Koyuki, aren’t aware of this yet. Fortunately for her, she’s at the top of the points. But that makes her a target; Ruler in particular sees her as an eyesore. We’ve got a tough, bloody, slightly frilly battle ahead of us.


Author: magicalchurlsukui

Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

3 thoughts on “Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku – 02”

  1. I’m now very, very scared for La Pucelle. This revelation, along with Kyouki’s top placing puts not just Kyouki, but Souta in extreme danger.

    Something tells me that Kyouki is going to get systematically broken in the course of the…. festivities.

  2. I guess the challenge now for the series is to give some sort of “justification” as why the magical girls need to die in order to give more weight to the plot point. Both Madoka and Yuki Yuna actually did that well (although YY copped out at the last instance).

    1. Indeed. Fav’s “explanations” — i.e. “I overcalculated” — were not sufficient. Then again, I doubt Fav will ever give anyone anything other than vague, likely misleading answers, since he’s Kyuubey’s cousin.

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