All Out!! – 01 (First Impressions)


The Gist: It’s a high school rugby club anime.

Where last season’s Days paired an awkward unpopular kid who tries his hardest with a popular pretty boy who doesn’t have to try and watched their friendship and emotional growth unfold; Haikyuu!! paired two fanatical win at all cost enemies who’s thirst for victory improves their skills, despite their unfriendship; All Out goes for a literal mismatched pairing.

Gion is a tiny guy who’s head strong (and physically strong) and The tall blonde kid is giant but afraid of conflict due to injuring a friend in middle school.


The Verdict: In the realm of Sports Genre anime, this duo works pretty well because it allows for very simple, but still funny jokes — and emotional development for the characters.

Seriously, this is a legitimately entertaining show, with a blend of slapstick and charming dialog. Sprinkle in ‘heart’ and it is worth your time… if you’re up for another sports show.

Unfortunately, I’m sportsed out.


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