Soushin Shoujo Matoi – 01 (First Impressions)


The Gist: demonic creatures are crossing into our reality for reasons unknown, and largely unknown to the public. Luciela Haruka, a blonde woman with a pink hair detail and mega boobs, is investigating for the Anomalous Crimes division — and her investigation has brought her to a small town in Japan!

Local girls Yuma and Matoi work at a 15th century shrine, which quickly gets dragged into things when a painter possessed by a demon goes on a rampage. Fortunately, Yuma finds an ancient scroll while her father (the shrines priest) was trying to impress Luciela, and that scroll may or may not have transformed Matoi into a magic girl.

Also fortunately, Matoi’s dad is the town detective and her mother was most likely a magic girl too, and she makes quick work of the enemy. While she is successful, Matoi is not prepared to be ‘not normal’ and flees to scene… only to become naked in the woods.

Also also also the Vatican has a magic girl named Fatima.


Soushin Shoujo Matoi may be worth a look if you’re up for another magic girl, twisting family backstory, demonic (alien?) invasion story. It has moments of humor, action, slice of life and mystery — even some tween side boob, if that’s your thing.

It mostly looks good. The rendering is weirdly styled, mixing competent but distorted, clunky figures, against richly rendered backgrounds. The color pallete is broad and well structured and the figures, while ‘off‘ looking are shot from many dynamic angles and in strong compositions.


You may not be into Soushin Shoujo Matoi because it’s throwing an awful lot of stuff our way and none of it is especially grounded or set up. Matoi’s freak out at the end of the episode over ‘not being normal’ just comes out of nowhere. Similarly, Yuma’s decision to jump in front of a hulk-rage monster to perform a dance she’s just seen for the first time on a scroll because she’s excited to become a powerful priestess is kinda unbelievable.

And, if you’re a long time RABUJOI reader, you don’t even need to get me started about the Engrish dialog in the opening scene. To be fair, it was actually so appallingly bad, I laughed at it…


Oji’s Verdict: While the opening fight between engrish speaking English soldiers almost turned me off, the good enough visuals, predictable but pleasant narrative twists, and an overall incompetent charm kept me watching all the way through.

I definitely don’t think Soushin Shoujo Matoi is a good show but I also don’t think it’s that bad either. If you have the time, give the first episode a watch.