Ao Oni The Animation – 01 (First Impressions)


The Gist: 4 students investigate an abandoned mansion (for some reason) and are lynched/eaten/beaten to death by the blue monster that lives there.

You may like Ao Oni because it is a short format ironic horror comedy that pokes fun of the test our courage style horror story. The pacing is quick and easy to under stand and the characters’ response to their situation (denial, logical alternative explanations) is a decent base of comedy.

You may not enjoy Ao Oni if you do not like primitive animation and intentional dumbness. Since the cast is killed off and gets a game over screen at the end, it is safe to assume this show will be a series of nonsensical one-offs, each likely focusing on a single joke or genre convention. If the lack of character depth or long term story telling isn’t you’re thing, this is an easy skip.

Verdict: I enjoyed Ao Oni’s 4 minute blitz well enough but the to-the-point nature of the story and humor left little incentive to review more.