Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – 26

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Tekkadan is finally legit, Kudelia is getting shit done from her Mad Men office, and Gjallarhorn has fallen out of favor. Perfect opportunities to introduce new players on all fronts. Tekkadan’s standing is more solid, but there are still tectonic rumblings throughout this episode, which starts out peaceful, even mundane, but becomes progrssively more Gundam-y as the unintended consequences of everyone’s success mount.

Looks like a family

Kudelia’s underestimating of a sniveling economic rival mirrors how seemingly innocuous threats could end up a pain in our heroes’ collective rears. Cookie and Cracker are getting a decent education, but they cling to Mika when he even thinks about going back out into danger, something he obviously has to do and will continue to do.

Julieta here (voiced by MAO) is sure be in a cockpit soon, facing off against Mika

Kudelia and Tekkadan alike gained feisty rivals by showing the world that not all underdog causes are hopeless. Now that McGillis has a seat at the Seven Stars Big Boy Table, he, like Orga in Tekkadan, isn’t going to stop moving forward; it’s the only way for either figure to survive. Only Orga just wants to settle down make an honest living some day. McGillis has big ambitions, which attract both ire and push-back from the families whose toes he’s stepping on.

Mika makes another grand entrance in the nick of time

The world(s) is familiar, as are most of the faces, but it was exciting to see many in new or refined roles. It was also good to see new recruits positioned below, experiencing at the end a measure of the hell of war the main cast went through in their first episode (though these newbies have much nicer bosses.

All of Kudelia’s, Tekkadan’s, and McGillis’ plans to “let it ride” on the gutsy gambles they’ve made are being challenged at every turn by those who want to keep them down in the muck. We’ll see how the new role of the challenged, rather than challenger, fits our scrappy team.


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3 thoughts on “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – 26”

  1. I like how the episode mirrors the first one to show how much everything is still familiar yet very different now. Them mentioning the new job titles of the Tekkadan boys (Eugene’s Deputy Fileld Boss and Mika’s Commando Unit Leader) was a nice touch toi show how much the boys have come.

    The mundane moments, like the twins teasing Mika that they can read more books than him now, still works well in giving real human weight to the series, more so than recent entries in the franchise.

    On a side note, Julieta’s introductory scene showing her eating a butterfly for no apparent reason is hilarious, but is also foreboding of her roles as the ax-crazy female MS pilot (probably coupled with a giant mobile suit ala-Graze Ein). . They actually teased that role for Carta, but thankfully avoided it in the long run.

      1. I’m actually fine with Julieta in that role as long she either stays in the sidelines, or if she becomes more plot-relevant, is built up properly for that archetype make sense in the story. I want a Stellar Lousier or a Louise Halevy, not a Barara Peor. Though, bought Stellar and Louise’s characters were properly built up for the entire run of their respective shows and not just introduced in the second half.

        Lafter was also teased for the psycho chick MS pilot role, but pretty much outgrows it by the end of the first season’s Masahiro arc. That;s an amusing one considering that she is in the sidelines. And of course, Ein was pretty much the male version.

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