Magic Kyun! Renaissance – 01 (First Impressions)


The Gist: In a world where Magic manifests as sparkles around really good artists, Aigasaki Kohana is a second year transfer student at Hoshonomori School of Magical Arts, the best School of Magic Arts in, line, the whole world. Also, Kohana’s mom, who died when Kohana was young, was considered one of the best magical arts practitioners.

On Kohana’s first day, she meets the other main characters, who are all male super hotties and the best at their various arts. She even meets the school’s king, who gives her the confidence to finally create sparkles when she does flower arrangement, her chosen art. Unfortunately, when introduced by their homeroom teacher, the King turns on her and… i don’t know? The plot will be about her winning him over I suppose?


You may like MK!R because the art is very lovely, in a static sort of way. The show is naturally calm and pleasant too, with mostly nice characters supporting each other in what apparently will be a ‘who will be prom king and queen’ opening plot ark.

MK!R also has …relatively… well done ENGRISH pop music. It works well enough, maybe even more so because my copy of the episode did not sub title to songs.


You may not like MK!R because it is not well animated. I’m talking about under-count on the frames per second, which makes movement stiff and jerky. The opening narrative is overtly slow, with Kohana meeting her room mate, other characters, and going to home room taking up 99% of the episode’s play length.

The verdict: I think Zane may want to give this a look but, in all honesty, he’d be totally right to drop it. Magic Kyun! Renaissance starts from a very weak position with a dull female lead and generic pretty-boy-idols as love interests and or allies for a summer festival performance I guess??

There isn’t anything at stake. Not even Kohana’s place in the school because she overcomes her weakness IN THE FIRST EPISODE. I am quite happy to not watch or review any more of it this season…