Shuumatsu no Izetta – 01 (First Impressions)


What is it: A period historical/military action drama taking place in an alternate world during the equivalent of WWII. Princess Fine and her tiny duchy of Eylstadt becomes the latest victim of the Germanian Empire’s campaign of expansion. She’s eventually caught by Germanian officers, but while en route to Neue Berlin, the legendary witch Izetta, also aboard the plan, awakens and saves her princess.


Why you should watch: If you like historical anime that put a little twist on history (without getting to nationalistic about things). The tech here is strict WWII-era, with steam trains, dive bombers, and Luger pistols. The only fantastical element is Izetta, who will surely prove to be the one most vital to the survival of the protagonist Fine.

Fine is also voiced by Hayami Saori, is often called a “tomboy” by other characters, but is really just a badass who knows she survives because of the love of her people. Production values are slightly above average, and the score is fine.


Why you shouldn’t watch: If you’re kinda period-pieced out by the recently-wrapped 91 Days, or if you’re a little put off by plot conveniences like Izetta just happening to end up not only on the same train as Izetta, but the same plane as well, some time later. Perhaps, however, they’ve been drawn together by some particular bond between the witch of Eylstadt and its leader. The bad guys are literally Nazis. Well, quasi-Nazis.

The Verdict: A sturdy and steadily-paced opening episodes for a show with lots of promise, with a strong female protagonist at its core. If you like the idea of a tough underdog princess and her witch companion fightin’ off some quasi-Nazis and fulfilling her duty to her small country of people, this show is up your alley. I’ll be following it for now, since it’s the first Fall show I’ve come across.


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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

11 thoughts on “Shuumatsu no Izetta – 01 (First Impressions)”

  1. Why isn’t this show called Shuumatsu no Fine or something? Izetta is a glorified side kick at best.

    1. Well, first episode. I assume she’ll matter more later.

      Also I understand that “shuumatsu” means “last witch”, and Fine isn’t a witch, so…

      1. I doubt she’ll matter more than the princess, so my point stands. Also, “shuumatsu” (終末) doesn’t mean “last witch.” It means “an end” or “a close”. The correct translation for “Shuumatsu no Izetta” is “Izetta of the End.”

      2. Oh, alright, I had heard the translation wasn’t literal.

        Anyway first, we don’t know, I think it’s likely they’ll be co-protagonists. Second, never heard that a title has to necessarily be a reference to the protagonist. Fine might be the protagonist but Izetta seems to be the game-changing element that kickstarts the story into motion. Without her the princess would have likely died at the end of episode 1.

      3. I doubt she would have died. The nazies didn’t want to kill her.

        Anyway, yeah, titles don’t always refer to the protagonist, but I personally prefer that they do. I don’t see the point in naming a show after the side kick, although it does happen, specially when said side kick is the super-natural element, like in this show.

        Regardless, this is Fine’s show, and I would like it if the title reflected that. Just a personal preference.

  2. I thought that was a promising opening episode. The plot contrivances did not bother me so much – those kind of things happen all the time in Eylstadt don’t they? The Germanians are suitably bad and I suspect the nasty Major of the Special Service will turn out to be a regular protagonist battling with Princess Fine and Izetta. Izetta’s reveal at the episode’s climax was predictable enough but still was a satisfying conclusion to the episode. The military equipment is depicted reasonably accurately, which will satisfy the military enthusiasts who will be attracted to Izetta’s World War 2-like themes – They look like the design work of Humikane Shimada but lack his attention to fine detail, so I think it’s the design work of someone else. I’m looking forward to watching Izetta fighting the righteous fight, though her blowing away thinly disguised Nazis may upset the more Fascist minded end of the viewing demographic. Oh well – who cares about them? Bring it on I say! :D

    1. About the train and plane thing with Izetta, the train was a coincidence, and the plane is the german saving on transportation, with already a plane set to take off with Izetta, why delay in setting up and additional plane to carry the princess, resource management at it’s best.

  3. So far they’ve dodged my normal beefs with the alt.hist genre: it’s not a hyper-nationalist masturbation and the bad-ass princess is actually interesting.

    I agree that the contrivance was a contrivance (though I love SkyrimRules’ assertion that logistical simplicity makes the villains even more authentically nazi) but it got us into the plot efficiently enough. It probably would have dragged if our star crossed loves (platonic) took another episode to meet. Honestly, a witch flying on an LMG is pretty nice as a visual twist that made me smile. The fact that both body guards ate it right away also sold me, as did the negotiation at the opera.

    Good so far!

      1. I felt a little sorry for them. They were so obviously just loyal and brave plebeian cannon fodder there to enable the courageous princess to escape. I wonder what the Eylstadt Workers Party will say about that…. :)

      2. I’m glad she’s at least aware that she’s only alive and in her position because of her people. She knows she has to make sure their sacrifices weren’t in vain.

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