Momokuri – 25 + 26 (Fin)


After Yuki presents Momo with a handmade cypress shoehorn (which is kinda the perfect weird Yuki gift for Momo), the episode ships our two lovebirds and their friends to a fancy hot spring, where Momo lets slip that he loves yuki (i.e. snow), but sounds just like he’s saying he lives Yuki the girl, which is fine with her but embarrassing to him.


Yuki couldn’t be happier, but things get a little more awkward when Yuki comes into a room where Momo is surrounded by three girls, and she isn’t the slightest bit upset, even calling “too cute” that Yuzuki and Momo are so close, and reaching for her camera.

Momo storms off, miffed that Yuki wasn’t more jealous (or indeed jealous at all) by such an unfortunate sight. But he knows his attitude sucked back there, and when Yuki flags him down to talk, he decides he’ll do just that.

What follows is a lovely, poignant scene where he describes how he came to fall in love with Yuki, but expresses his worry it’s a different love from hers, and possibly in a greater amount.

What he learns is that Yuki’s love may be different (and a bit creepy at times), but she has just as much love for him as he does for her.


And there you have it: now Momo knows Yuki’s “secret” obsession with him…and it’s perfectly okay. He’ll just be on his guard to stop her from collecting his garbage.

Momokuri was a cute, kind little show about a cute, kind, guy, short and easily flustered, and a slightly unusual girl who always sweats the details, start dating, learn more about each other, and fall deeper in love…in all its myriad forms. It was always a light, pleasant, feel-good watch.


Author: sesameacrylic

Zane Kalish is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

2 thoughts on “Momokuri – 25 + 26 (Fin)”

  1. It’s odd. The foundations for each side of their relationship are very different (how these two fell in love, and also how their love for each other grew) but the strength and amount feel equal….. so it’s a happy end?
    For Momo, I can understand – he sees what she’s doing for him, and he wants to work hard so he can respond in kind.
    For Yuki…. *sigh* how would she be able to maintain that level of adoration if something happens to him, or her perception of him? Forgive the skepticism, but I believe her affection for him (while exceptionally strong) is the weakest facet of their relationship, and the fact that it borders on obsession (perversion?) makes it all the more obvious.
    That being said, this was an enjoyable watch.

  2. And so one of my favorite shows of the season ends. I’m a sucker for cute romance, so this was just so up my alley it almost had a gift wrap for me, lol.
    I was quite upset when it began as special online streaming for an app, since there I took a peek at the first episodes but then couldn’t find the rest almost anywhere (with or without subs). I’m glad I got to watch it in its entirety. This is one of those sugary shows you can only find in anime and make me love the medium for that. Sugar and a little bit of weirdness make an excellent combination.

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