Macross Delta – 24


Hayate, Mirage and Freyja are in custody for a good part of this episode, and what with the restraints and show trial and general passivity of Heinz (the only one who can pardon them), things certainly looked pretty bad for our triangle…in a vacuum.

But Arad, Kaname, Makina and Reina were still free, thanks in part to Mikumo and in part to their own competence. While pondering their next move, the still-free members of Chaos are approached by Berger (sporting a new voice actor, as the original is in poor health), who promptly leads them to Chekhov’s Still-working VF-22.


Lloyd’s courtship of Mikumo continues, as he tells her she’s not only an artificial life form, but also the legendary Star Singer, descended from the Protoculture. Hard to argue with him considering what she’s managed to do.

Furthermore, he believes Walkure was created to provide cover for her. She was once Lady M’s, but now she’s Lloyd’s, and he intends to use her; her own desires are irrelevant to the equation.


After the show trial (which is a bit dull), we get to the execution, which consists of the three condemned taking flying leaps off the edge of a huge sheer cliff. Hayate stalls as much as he can, assuring both himself and the girls that this isn’t the end.

Sure enough, the VF-22 streaks through the sky and causes a big ol’ ruckus, allowing Hayate and Mirage’s remote-controlled planes to catch them when they jump. It’s a neat stunt, though the whole exercise makes the Windermereans look a bit dumb.


A huge aerial battle ensues between Delta and the Aerial Knights as Walkure attempts to destroy the protoculture system without Mikumo’s help. It doesn’t go well: Makina takes a sniper’s bullet for Freyja, and while they try to keep it together, Lloyd repeats a mantra enough times to awaken the Star Singer within Mikumo, and her song starts overpowering everyone.

So Walkure/Delta has no choice but to retreat, having left Windermere in much worse shape than when they arrived. Makina may heal, but now Lloyd has perhaps the Ultimate Trump Card in an awakened Star Singer, while an ice crystal appears on Freyja for the first time; it would seem her singing has shortened her already-short life.


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5 thoughts on “Macross Delta – 24”

  1. Herman commenting about Mirage’s flying skills feels kinda pointless story-wise , since, except for a few mentions, the question about her skills didn’t really play any significant role in the overall plot or her own narrative.

    And man, they really should have put some body armor under those holo-suits Walkure is using. The girls practically go to battle naked.

    I guess this would really be either a rushed ending or a cliffhanger for Delta. The tension just doesn’t feel high enough for a proper climax.

    1. That thing Mikumo summoned at the end it bares a striking resemblance to the Bird Human and the story of the star singer sounds a lot like the legend of the shrine maidens in macross 0. Which stongly implies that that thing and the sogur valems were designed to eradicate all life in the cluster.

      1. Interesting theory. So does that mean that mean that the protoculture did plan on wiping out their creations and starting from scratch should they deem their work a failure?

        Though I still have no idea how everything ties into Lloyd’s plan aside from “I wanna rule the galaxy!!”

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