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I was a lot more into this episode than last week’s, perhaps because it felt like so much more got done. Marlind was a murky mess last week, but here Sorey and Mikleo, now reunited, make quick work of purifying the town’s water.

Of course, those are only the first steps, and the full healing of the town will take the better part of a year, but it’s in far better shape, and Princess Alisha wants to make sure it stays that way, and that her people choose hope over despair.

Rose is also back in the picture, and her presence as friendly merchant early on meant she’d likely show up as a deadly merchant later.


Like Sorey the Shepherd, Alisha really needs to be everywhere at once in order to be the most effective, but she can’t be, and when the cat’s away the mice will play. The most troublesome rodent is Lord Bartlow, who is sending troops to the buffer zone between Highland and Rolance for war and plunder. She has loyal soldiers to follow her, but little time: she has to leave Marlind at first light to have a chance to stop Bartlow.

Meanwhile, after kicking some baby dragon ass and receiving quite a bit of praise from the town for his hard work, the other shoe finally drops on Sorey’s role when he must purify a hellion who was once a human. He must bear all the malevolence he pulls out of the hellion, something the Seraphim can’t help him with. It’s a lonely, painful duty, and it’s sure to alter Sorey’s demeanor over time.


Just as Sorey must bear the malevolence born of the despair of ordinary folk, Alisha also understands that choosing not to fight has a cost she’s prepared to bear. When the assassins surround and attack her once more, they are there to prevent the “senseless deaths” from Alisha’s ideals. But even I think they have it all wrong. If Alisha were to give in to Bartlow and allow a free-for-all, it will only worsen global malevolence and hasten calamity.

Alisha tells the leader of the assassins that she doesn’t believe she’ll stop Bartlow; she will, and if they want to stop her, they’ll have to kill her. The masked leader is moved by those words and by Alisha putting her foe’s knife to her throat without the slightest hesitation. The assassin stands down, and Alisha cuts their mask off, revealing Rose. Alisha asks her to accompany her to Glaivend to bear witness to her actions; Rose agrees.

This solid outing of Zestiria aptly illustrated just how awesomely badass Alisha is, how heavy are the burdens she and Sorey (and only they) must bear moving forward, elaborated on the nature of malevolence (hint: it starts with despair over loss), and finally brought Rose into the party.

Even the next ep preview shined, as Rose playfully attempts to swindle Alisha on some beauty sundries, only for Alisha to turn the tables using Rose’s guilt. I’m looking forward to these two interacting not as acquaintances, or opponents, but as comrades.


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2 thoughts on “Tales of Zestiria the X – 10”

  1. sigh…i was dreading that the anime would end up doing this. It’s not that big of a deal (considering rose’s role in the story doesnt get watered down), but this ep sort of compromised a bit of rose’s character to make alisha more badass, which is what i figured the anime would do to make up for the silly controversy that surrounded some of the decisions the game made. It was either the anime found a way to make alisha badass in alternative ways, or make her a badass in return for compromising some of the story elements of the game. While not too significant, it seems that the anime has chosen the latter and i dont really know how to feel about that. On one hand, it’s like “good job on making alisha more of a badass”, on the other hand, it’s like “damn, but in return, you took away something from a character who was arguably more badass and wise”. Plus it kinda takes away from the development alisha should have later on, but on that particular note, i think it’s too early to say that in regards to alisha’s arc so ill wait before casting my final judgement. In the end, i guess my small gripe with these developments is that they could have simply went about it in a different way and nothing would have been compromised…sigh.

    I guess it’s fine though; aferall, the game is it’s own narrative and so is the anime. If there’s something i dont agree with in the anime, ill always have the game’s storytelling choices to fall back on (yea, im one of the few peope who couldnt get behind why fans were so pissy about some of the story choices. The narrative was a bit underwhelming compared to other “tales” games, but not for the narrative reasons people were crying about). Without that though, this was another by the numbers ep of zestiria. Nothing special (or even noteworthy) in terms of writing, characters, or drama, but nothing bad either

    1. Since I know nothing of the game and Rose and Alisha’s portrayal in it, this was clearly another “ignorance is bliss” situation for me.

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