Zeonic Toyota Special Movie – 01 & 02

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The gist: a charming, high budget mini-sode format as commercial where Char jumps from his Zaku to a Toyota, which he finds comfortably supportive to sit in. Then he drives it down a colony highway until Lalah Sune warns him an enemy is near …from the Zaku he just left… and he drives into a hanger where they trade rides.

It’s very well animated, if a very simple concept, and the Toyota is almost cool looking in red with Zeon details. Oddly, the car model’s saturation is much higher than the Gundam in the background, which separates them in a slightly awkward way. It’s odd because the car’s style is closer to OG UC gundam than the mech, which feels more nuanced. More modern.

I’m not sure why a Zeon theme was chosen, since they are pretty definitively the bad guys in OG UC Gundam? Also, I’m not sure why Char would be a good endorsement for the brand either, since he’s a devious lie-to-your-face kind of guy bent on revenge?

Maybe if he were driving a Subaru WRX I could take it more seriously…


3 thoughts on “Zeonic Toyota Special Movie – 01 & 02”

  1. Char’s Zaku is famous for being FAST I guess? So maybe Char driving the Toyota means he approves of it’s speed and specs?

  2. Why Char was chosen? Simply because he is considered the franchise’s most recognizable character, even more so than protagonist Amuro. And the fandom has sadly romanticized his character way too much that they will overlook the fact that he’s a devious lie-to-your-face kind of guy bent on revenge.

    And that pretty much goes the same way for the choice to go Zeon on this one, simply because it is the more popular faction.

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