Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – 21


Even getting as far as Subaru did in forming an alliance to fight the White Whale felt like a victory to me, but the fact remained, the actual battle was far from over after some hard fighting last week. Subaru hadn’t gotten an arc victory since saving Rem eons ago. The victory we got this week was a little safe, but it was what I wanted when I wanted it, so it’s all good.


I enjoyed Krusch going all in on another Subaru Crazy Plan, then using him, the “weakest among them”, to rally her depleted troops. Subie’s plan is indeed quite crazy, as it involves Rem firing him up to the “lead” whale that’s controlling the other two, and using the Witch’s curse to lure it where he wanted it – underneath the colossal tree Krusch agrees to topple.

The timing works out extraordinarily, almost lazily well, and it seems like an unspeakable crime to bring down a tree that must be many millennia old, but their options were limited, and that whale had to go.


From there, Wilhelm, who is not dead and escapes from the whale that swallowed him, delivers the coups-de-grace to the whale. In the process, we see that Wil challenged Theresia to a duel shortly after she was named Master, and he won the duel, making him demonstrably the better sword.

I still maintain that Theresia would have preferred the man she love live a long life not dedicated to facing and fighting the whale that killed her (and very likely getting himself killed in the process). But Wil needed this for closure, and to make up for failing to protect her.


Both Wil and Krusch express their deep gratitude and desire to continue working together. Subie even half-jokingly suggests Krusch as his #3 Girl, though Krusch only admits to the occasional tug of the heartstrings. She also vows to always be friendly and show favor to him, no matter what happens in the selection fight to come. Krusch is great.

Speaking of great, Rem is too injured to move and immediately join Subie on his next mission to destroy the cult, but he reiterates all the ways she’s already saved him, and how she can let herself rely on him now and again. He also promises she can remain by his side when they return to one another, and share a farewell Eskimo kiss.

I like how this episode contained the climax and end of the battle as well as all the celebration and rest needed. Next week, one of only four episodes left (that I know of) will thus be able to focus on Subie’s goal to eliminate the cult and its threat to Emilia, whom I also hope we’ll see at some point.


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Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

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  1. I’ve decided to wait until the last episode has been released AND its details have been confirmed/posted here. I haven’t watched any of the episodes since… maybe episode 4 when I realized what was happening with his curse and nearly knocked things over trying to get away from all the feels (it was very embarrassing really). You mentioned about Subie’s (cute name btw) #3 girl. Who is #1 and #2 if that is confirmed. I’ve been surprised to see Rem, I think you speak of the girl with the short blue hair (I won’t even ask about her sister), and not Emilia (whom I think is from the first couple of episodes). Also, pleeeeeeeeease don’t tell me to watch the episodes to find out, that would just be cruel and extremely mean :( Thanks for another great review!

      1. lol, oh you don’t know me very well. I knew who killed Dumbledore before I even walked out of the bookstore on that semi-warm evening in Miami (not there anymore). Even before that punk was about to get pulled apart by the crowd at that BN for screaming it out loud…. I wonder if he survived. Anyway, I take to spoilers like a fish to water. I don’t do well with not knowing what is going to happen. If I don’t know it exists? Sure I’m cool. Like a surprise party. I can’t be anxious if I don’t know it even exists. Sword Art Online on simulcast? No…. such an existence shouldn’t be allowed in this world. Hence why I did NOT take a certain death in Qualidea Code very well. -cough-

        So short answer? Yes, please tell me! ;p

        HOWEVER, I’m not sure if it would be considered a “spoiler” for others who come here so I (or you for that matter) don’t want to be tied to a stake and poked with pitchforks if it is…. Just sayin…. O:-)

      2. PS: I don’t know why I forgot to put this in here: The whole “you don’t know me very well” I meant to add the following after that sentence “(duh right?)” lol

        I wasn’t being sarcastic, I realized the irony of my statement as I was writing it but figured I would leave it there for possible humor, but forgot to add the humor into the sentence >.< So, I feel better now that I explained the obvious.

  2. Um, guys? I think you’re misunderstanding something here. There is no 3, Crusch just respects him a lot now, but isn’t love with him. lol

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