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I was wondering how Delta would follow up an episode that was 9/10ths an advertisement for other Macross series (some worse but most better than Delta), and 1/10th nice character work between Mirage and Hayate, which for me saved it from a 6 (not recommended).

Turns out this episode was a lot more like the last 1/10th of last week, only with a lot more action, which pleased me. For once, though, the action doesn’t predominantly serve the plot; the status of the war remains unchanged.

Instead, all the action is character-driven, not a bad way to go for a show whose characters have too often felt like little more than props (or shadows of aforementioned better shows). Forget the war, we’ve got more basic problems: Freyja can’t sing, Hayate can’t fly, and Mikumo is God-knows-where.


Everyone is full of doubt and uncertainty, even in Windermere, where Heinz is definitely spooked by the fact his song was overpowered by Mikumo’s. His brother Keith (who has had very little to do since losing an eye) seems to want to know more about Heinz’s specific medical problems, all while wondering what the heck is going on with Lloyd, who he thought he used to know well.

Lloyds reassurances to Heinz that his voice is peerless, and to Keith that all will be well, aren’t received with enthusiasm by either Windermere. Cassim is also still walking around looking lost; the only ones who aren’t are content to blindly follow the most powerful authority.


Things can’t stay this way for the main players on both sides of the war, so it falls to the second tier of the cast to bring about some kind of change. Makino and Reina start prodding the medical frigate’s security for weaknesses, and when Kaname catches them, they convince her to join their cause, even if it’s against the rules, because they love Mikumo.

Hayate and Freyja actually manage to sit at a table together, but only to exchange unilateral life-altering/ruining decisions. Hayate wants to quit flying so Freyja can keep singing; Freyja wants to quit singing so Hayate can keep flying. Their affection for one another precludes doing anything that might hurt one another.


Enter Mirage, who does a far better job than Lloyd to, well, not so much reassure them as knock some sense into them with harsh words. She considers both their offers unacceptable; Hayate has to fly and Freyja has to sing; that’s what they were frikkin’ born to do.

And she’s not even going to give them the choice to give up on their dreams, because she loves them too much. There; she finally said it, only two both of them and not simply Hayate. Better than nothing, I guess. Mirage (and Seto Asami) do great work here.


While Mirage puts her heart on her sleeve to help the comrades—the friends—she loves, Kaname, Makino and Reina potentially put their careers, freedom, and lives on the line for their comrade Mikumo. Reina’s hacking isn’t pefect, but Kaname doesn’t give up when the other two are arrested, running through corridors and belting out song until she reaches Mikumo, who despite being in a stasis tank, sings along.

And that’s it for episode 20. With six episodes left, the sing-and-fly formula of earlier episodes has been immensely disrupted, and we’re left wondering what will become of the singers of Walkure, the pilots of Delta, and the overdressed tools of Windermere.


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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

3 thoughts on “Macross Delta – 20”

  1. Man, Mirage’s “I’ll protect you because I love you” to both Hayate and Freyja is surely going to please the threesome fans.

    Seriously though, Delta’s love triangle really lacks those colorful dynamics that made Frontier oh so frustratingly interesting to watch. One big piece missing here is Freyja and Mirage interacting with each other. (really, they barely do). Ranka and Sheryl’s interactions with each other really played a big part in building the triangle as much as the two girls interacting with Alto.

    Showing more Freyja-Mirage interactions would really have made the latter’s “I’ll protect you because I love you” remark a lot more interesting.

    1. Well, a delta IS a closed triangle. ;)

      It’s tricky because Freyja and Mirage are in totally different lines of work – and if Freyja’s around Mirage, chances are Hayate is too, those two being wingmen and all. But I agree that Mirage’s “double confession” would have been stronger if we’d had more meaningful Freyja-Mirage scenes.

      An aside: it was damn brutal watching Freyja try to sing, only to not be able to get anything out.

      1. It’s tricky because Freyja and Mirage are in totally different lines of work

        . I kinda get this one, but the series also practically said that all three are living together in the dorms.

        And here is an interesting meta-bit, if TV Tropes is to be trusted. Apparently, Kawamori (supposedly) never intended for Mirage to be part of the love triangle. In fact, there was supposed to be no love triangle at all, it was supposed to be a straight up Hayate x Freyja story. Only the producers insisted to have the LT. Still, that really doesn’t justify the poor writing of Mirage’s character, with pretty much all her plot points being dropped (including the fact that she is the member of the esteemed Jenius clan).

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